Oxygen Is Getting These 10 New True Crime Shows & You'll Never Want To Leave The Couch Again

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A warning to all armchair detectives: You might have trouble leaving your living room this summer. That's because Oxygen has added 10 new true crime shows to its lineup. On top of that, the network will also show the U.S. premiere of Serial Killer with Piers Morgan.

Last year, Oxygen rebranded itself as the go-to network for true crime and it's found success with this new model. The recent two-part series, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, which delved deeper into the murder charges against the football player and how it led to his tragic death, was the most watched program in the network's history. “The response from the true crime community has been overwhelming,” Rod Aissa, the Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Development of Oxygen, said in a statement.

This means, Oxygen is looking to capitalize off its successful run and Americans love of true crime with a new lineup that looks inside the minds of serial killers, murderous cults, and dangerous doctors. If that's not enough, the network will also debut a series about weddings gone very wrong and backyards that include more than a swing set.

Basically, prepare to never want to leave the house again. Of course, you might not be that concerned about leaving once you check out Oxygen's new slate of shows.


'In Defense Of'

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This series takes a closer look at the defense attorneys who have worked alongside notable criminals, including the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and convicted murderer Jodi Arias. The show promises a "different perspective" on cases that have been widely publicized and definitely promises a bit of controversy.


'Price Of Duty'


This series won't be for the faint of heart. That's because it focuses on a homicide detective sharing the details of "the most haunting case of their career," and it seems they won't be leaving out the grisliest of details.


'Abuse Of Power'


Premiering May 12, Abuse Of Power will look those who have used their power and influence to do some of the worst things imaginable. It will "expose just how far those in power are willing to go in order to cover up their transgressions and what happens when the law finally catches up to them."


'The Disappearance Of Crystal Rogers'

In this investigative series, journalist Stephanie Bauer partners with retired homicide detective Dwayne Stanton to figure out what happened to Crystal Rogers, a 35-year-old mother who disappeared in Kentucky. Like so many of these stories, there is more than meets the eye in this idyllic town, and these two are looking to uncover what that had to do with Rogers' disappearance.


'The Mark Of A Killer'


Serial killers often have a calling card to let investigators know who they are. This series will delve into the psyche of these killers to figure out the meaning of those signature trademarks, which include "postmortem souvenirs and performing distinct rituals during each killing."


'Buried In The Backyard'

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Yes, this series, premiering June 3, will look at murders in which the victims were found in the backyard.


'Dying To Belong'


Like the title implies, this series follows killers that hurt others in hopes of finding acceptance. This includes a teenager who killed to impress his friends and a mom who plotted to kill her daughter's cheerleading competition.


'License To Kill'

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Botched's plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow will take a closer look at murderous doctors and nurses. Each episode will allow viewers "inside the killers’ minds, and inside the bodies of the victims, utilizing signature forensic animation."


'Cult Of Killers'


For those that are tired of the Manson family, each episode of this series will look a murder committed by the members of a cult. In doing so, the series will offer firsthand accounts from police and former members to "help explain the cult’s beliefs and how it drove its members to kill."


'A Wedding & A Murder'

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"From the bride and groom, to a family member, or even a jealous wedding guest — anyone could be the victim or suspect." If that description interests you, you're going to want to check out this series, which premieres June 3, that shows wedding don't always end in bliss, but murder.


'Serial Killer With Piers Morgan'

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Morgan is going face-to-face with three of America's "most depraved" serial killers in the U.S. premiere of this series. Oxygen isn't giving away who these killers are, but IMDb says that one of them is Mark Riebe, who was convicted of murder and confessed to abducting and murdering 13 women, convincing the police he is a serial killer. Like the two other subjects Morgan will interview, Riebe has "never spoken" about his crimes before, making this a must-see even for true crime lovers.

For those looking to get their true crime on, Oxygen is becoming the place to get it. This summer you might be inside learning a whole lot about that very subject.