Paramore Drops The Colorful "Hard Times" Music Video

The days of the week can get monotonous, dull, and even dreary. So thank goodness for Paramore's new "Hard Times" video, which, in just over three minutes, injects all the color you need into your totally normal, everyday Wednesday in a cubicle with no prospect of dancing in tie dye on the following weekend. (Not that I wish I was at Coachella or anything, but, uh, I do.)

The video incredibly '80s influenced in the best possible way; think red denim jackets, the lo-fi special effects of the music videos of that decade and generous helpings of neon light. But, hey, did we really expect anything else from a band fronted by Hayley Williams, whose dedication to bright colors is such that she got hitched with her hair dyed firefighter-jacket-orange?

The playfulness of the visuals of the video are an interesting choice when contrasted with the songs lyrics, in which Williams sings about times that "make you wonder why you even try" and times that "take you down and [make you] laugh when you cry." But perhaps this makes its own sad sort of sense: it's the times that are the hardest that you need color and fireworks as distraction in your life.

So, sure, you're not, as in the song, anywhere close to "rock bottom" and you do know "how [you] even survive." Things aren't that dramatic. But, in the video for the first single off After Laughter, a sort of solace is offered. The band creates delicious colorscapes together, through each individual playing his or her part.

And the lyrics reinforce this when your favorite pint-sized hair dye entrepreneur sings:

"Tell my friends I’m coming down
We'll kick it when I hit the ground"

It's good advice for a boring day. If you're feeling bummed out by your humdrum everyday, invite some friends over for an impromptu dance party. Your soundtrack? Well, there's one obvious song to get down to.