'Parasite' Will Be Available To Stream On Hulu Starting In All Its Oscar Glory

For film fans looking to watch Bong Joon Ho's movies after his Oscar sweep, there's good news — Parasite will be streaming on Hulu beginning on April 8. The movie, which follows a poor family as they manipulate their way into the lives of a rich family, took home four Oscars in February — Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film. And now, the movie is picking up a new title: streaming on Hulu.

Following the film's historic Oscar success, Parasite has been rereleased in theaters. It also got some free publicity thanks to President Trump, who recently lamented the fact that a South Korean film had won Best Picture at a political rally. "Can we get Gone with the Wind back please?" Trump said, reacting to Parasite's success on Feb. 20. Parasite made $3.1 million at the box office the following weekend, according to The Wrap, adding to an already hefty total gross. And if that sweet revenge isn't enough to get you to want to stream Bong's other films, then nothing will.

While fans wait for Parasite to hit Hulu in April, Bong Joon Ho has a few films currently streaming on another website: Netflix. Snowpiercer, which follows the lone survivors of the apocalypse as they travel in a dystopian, perpetual-motion train, is currently streaming on the site. As is Bong's follow up Okja, in which enormous, adorable super-pigs are developed as a new food source.

Both Snowpiercer and Okja have similar themes to Parasite, discussing class divides and the role of greed in society. "Okja, Snowpiercer, Parasite, they’re all stories about capitalism," Bong said in an interview with Vulture. "Before it’s a massive, sociological term, capitalism is just our lives.”

It's impossible to know where Bong will go next as a director — one other quality his films is that the plots are very unexpected. But until we find out, fans can return to the Park's basement, and also the basement's basement, by watching Parasite on Hulu in April.