This New Bra Campaign Is The Most Inclusive Underwear Shoot You've Ever Seen

It's difficult to look inside store windows, flip through magazines, and glance at bus stop ads, and not see yourself represented in any of the images smiling back at you. While times are changing and more brands are starting to take inclusivity more seriously, some stores are leading the pack and taking diversity and representation to a whole new, exciting level. One such store is the size-inclusive lingerie brand, Parfait, with their #PerfectFigure 2.0 campaign. (Parfait offers sizes 28-44 bands, A-K cups, and XS-4XL bottoms, varying by style.)

In response to its highly successful #PerfectFigure campaign released earlier this year in January, Parfait decided to double down on making all of their customers feel seen, heard, and represented by creating a follow-up photo and video series that continues to challenge societal beauty norms.

The #PerfectFigure 2.0 campaign redefines what it means to fit in, using six women of varying body types, abilities, and backgrounds to show what it looks like to embrace your own "perfect figure."

“In today’s society it’s so easy to slip into a pattern of constantly comparing yourself to others, and through this campaign we’re here to show, to prove, that there is no such thing as 1 ideal body type or 'perfect figure,'" says Jesslynn Marquez, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, in a release. "This campaign is about embracing who you are, physically and mentally, body and soul. It’s about accepting your own #PerfectFigure no matter it’s size, shape or form, because beauty and “perfection” truly come in all forms!”

Six women are featured in the extended campaign, embracing what society deems "flaws," and feeling confident, beautiful, and comfortable in their skin. From people with stretch marks to women with vitiligo to people with disabilities, the model range is inclusive and diverse.

For example, RaeAnn Langas is a curve model and L.A. fashion blogger, where her blog quickly became a space where she showed her readers that they didn't have to be a size 4 to be considered beautiful.

Dru Presta is a petite model and mental health advocate born with a form of dwarfism. She hopes to break the boundaries of the fashion industry, and wants to inspire other people with similar conditions to chase after their dreams.

"This is to everyone who told us 'no.' We’re all here to tell you 'YES,'" she shared on social media.

Tanesha Brown is a mother, makeup artist, and motivational speaker who lives with vitiligo. On what having a perfect figure means to her, Brown answered, "To me, having a 'perfect figure' means just being comfortable, 100% comfortable. Doing whatever it is you like, whoever it is you are."

Candice Kelly is a plus-size model and body positivity advocate. For Kelly, having a perfect figure means being fully aware of yourself. "Having a perfect figure means being fully aware of and accepting of yourself. When you know who you are no one can say anything to discourage you from trying new things, going to the beach or just being you!”

Tatiana A. Lee is an actor, model, and lifestyle blogger living with spina bifida. Lee never saw herself represented in media when she was growing up, so she made sure to become the representation that she lacked. "I loved fashion and beauty growing up but I didn’t see anyone with a disability in TV & magazines that I could look up to. So, I decided to become my own hero!”

Gloria is a mom and model who navigates the modeling industry with visible stretch marks without blinking an eye. “I call them proud marks. I grew humans and whatever that did to my body, I'm completely OK with.”

With these six women combined, Parfait created a powerful and beautiful lingerie campaign, showing what true inclusivity in the beauty and fashion world would look like.

Accompanying the photo campaign is also a short film that shares the models' thoughts on body image, stereotypes, and the challenges that comes with not fitting into the status quo, sparking important conversations about rigid beauty ideals.

Parfait consistently creates a space of body-positivity and self-love for its customers, taking the lead on what the fashion industry could look like if only it tried.