Paris Hilton Made Herself Look Exactly Like Kim K In Yeezy & It's A Lot To Process

Frederick M. Brown/Getty; Charley Gallay/Getty

Rather than rolling out his fashion house lookbook the usual way — with staged photos of models dressed in different shades of grey staring smolder-like into the camera — Kanye West presented his entire YEEZY Season 6 lookbook through paparazzi shots of his wife, Kim Kardashian West. Since late 2017, Kimmy K has been running errands and grabbing snacks all through L.A. wearing the newest season, showing consumers just how chic leggings and a Spandex sports bra can look if you just add some heels to them. From grabbing late-night ice cream cones at McDonalds in an oversized utility jacket to pumping gas in a monochrome grey outfit, it's a genius way to make the YEEZY line look more accessible and not just runway-appropriate.

But yesterday the designer moved onto stage two of the plan, and L.A. was unleashed with a bunch of Kimmy K clones wearing different looks from the season. And one of them was a socialite princess known for her early noughties fame. Paris Hilton modeled YEEZY Season 6, and she looked just like Kim while doing it.

The women enlisted recreated KKW's paparazzi shots, where they wore her same outfits while out running a bunch of different errands. Joining the YEEZY army was makeup artist Madeleine Rose, models Sarah Snyder and Yovanna Ventura, fashion designers Shannon and Shannade Clermont and Sami Miro, and adult movie actress Lela Star.

They all donned platinum wigs and went to the nearest McDonald's drive-through and FedEx drop-off to loiter and look high-fashion.

For example, here are the Clermont twins recreating Kim's look to a tee, just in duplicate. Who doesn't get a late-night vanilla craving every now and then?

To compare, here was Kardashian's original look.

Here they are looking like a glitch in the Matrix, wearing the same snug, long sleeve mini that Kardashian wore while purposefully striding towards the car.

Here's KKW's original look, right down to the shoes.

One of the models, Ventura, recreated the shot of Kim coming out of the gas station store late at night, her hair in platinum waves and a Kit Kat in her hand.

She was wearing the same light brown leggings, grey sports bra top, and long trench that Kim was just a few months prior.

Fashion designer Miro looked more like Kardashian then Kim even did while sporting her all-camel get up while leaving an office building.

Both are rocking that slouchy zip-up like it's high fashion, and I'm starting to believe it.

But probably the most exciting clone to be featured in this lookbook reveal was Hilton. For almost a decade there have been rumors flying around that the two have been in a feud, making this appearance extra interesting. The two grew up together and had been close friends since childhood, and Kardashian was even Hilton's assistant during the years of The Simple Life. But in 2008, when the Kardashian clan started to rise in popularity and Hilton began sliding off of tabloid covers, the friendship reportedly ended.

There were snippy sound bites inside magazine pages where the two took swipes at each other, feeding the feud fire, where in 2008, Hilton said that she wouldn’t want Kim’s butt, calling it “gross” and saying, “It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” But that was almost a decade ago, and now it seems that the two have let bygones be bygones.

The heiress appeared in a series of three photos, rocking that platinum wig and looking exactly like her childhood friend in upscale athleisure.

If this is part of Hilton's comeback into the public eye, we are more than ready.