Passover Memes That Are Relatable & Totally On Point

Passover is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Jewish holiday of the year. While there's plenty to be taken seriously about the holiday and its history, these hilarious memes about Passover to share will provide a much needed chuckle when the matzoh is driving you crazy and you're trying to explain the Passover story to your friends who don't get it.

There's nothing funny about the actual story of Passover (from the Jews escaping the Egyptians while bread was still un-risen in their homes to the death angel passing over Egypt before their escape to their journey through the Red Sea), but that doesn't have to stop you from having a laugh or two while scrolling through these funny memes. From making fun of the matzoh to acknowledging the fact that most non-Jewish people learned about Passover from the Rugrats, you're bound to have a smile on your face once you make it through these memes.

Whether you'll be celebrating Passover this year or not, don't hesitate to share these memes with your friends and family. Sometimes we all just need a good laugh (and a giant sandwich with two hearty pieces of bread holding it together). Enjoy!

How many of us learned about Passover...

Not kidding!

I'm bracing.

Soon. Very soon.

That's not quite how it works.

You just have to be creative with it!

Get it?!

Get it? Because it's a Puffin... and there's no puffed bread at Passover... and Matzah is bread with no leavening agent... get it?