Patrick Stewart Has A Serious Issue With The Way You Eat Avocado

by Rachel Simon

Patrick Stewart might not quite be a millennial, but the legendary actor knows a thing or two about the trends associated with that particular age group. Sure, he may not be super familiar with the concept of "Netflix and chill" or taking Instagrams of all your food at brunch, but there is one millennial-centric trend he knows plenty about: avocado toast. And when I sit down with Stewart and his Emoji Movie co-star Maya Rudolph on a recent day in New York, he doesn't hesitate to share his thoughts on the meal — even if they are a bit controversial.

"Here's the problem," Stewart says when, during a round of Bustle's Emoji Game, I show the co-stars an image of emojis representing avocado toast. "There are so many sandwiches now that happen to have avocado in them, and the moment you bite into it, the sandwich slides apart because the avocado is so slippery." The actor isn't wrong; has any avocado sandwich experience actually gone well? I think not.

While he may be an expert when it comes to all things avocado, Stewart's knowledge of other millennial trends is a bit lacking, to say the least, and Rudolph's, as she shows in the video, isn't too much better.

Despite starring in a film called The Emoji Movie, the duo aren't exactly emoji pros — but hey, at least they know the key to making a perfect avocado breakfast experience.