Think You Can Find A Better Eyeshadow Palette Than This 'Clueless' Set? As If

Even though Clueless was released in the mid '90s, the influences of Cher and Dionne are still alive and well in 2018. So much so that there is a Clueless inspired eyeshadow palette currently making waves in the beauty world, and it's determined to help you bring out your inner prep. Everything from plaid minis, to thigh high socks, to colorful two-piece sets have been in vogue lately, where fashion lovers are still paying tribute to the Beverly Hills group over 20 years later. But you don't see a lot of makeup taking inspiration from the fan-favorite movie — until now.

Indie brand Peachy Queen is releasing the Clueless palette soon, which features a whopping 30 different shadows coming in a variety of mattes, shimmers, and pressed glitters. If you have never heard of Peachy Queen before, it's a one-stop shop that offers everything from cosmetics, to makeup tools, to jewelry and handbags. You might have seen some of their popular palettes floating around Instagram and YouTube channels, like the glittery Mermaid Fantasy Palette (which has pans in the shape of fish scales,) or the metallic and highly pigmented Dynasty Palette.

The Clueless palette is going to be a total blast to the past, where the cover is a hot pink with the classic Clueless logo on it. Inside, you have a giant mirror that will aid you in putting on your eyeshadow if you're not at home, and a bevvy of different colors and textures to play with and layer.

"Whether you are doing a makeover, going shopping at the mall or rollin’ with the homies this palette is totally versatile & you’ll look like a full-on Monet," the product description reads. "The perfect palette to go with your Calvin Klein dress, platforms & faux fur."

If that description is making you nostalgic, just wait until you see the names of the colors. In the first row you have "As If," which is a bright yellow, mimicking Cher's famous plaid skirt suit; "Whatever," a dusty metallic mauve; "Dionne," a deep red that tips its hat to the red crop top she wore with her iconic black and white plaid outfit; "Total Betty," which is a baby pink hue and what Cher called her mom; and "Tai," which is a shimmery dark green.

The next row we have a matte auburn called "Amber," in honor of the character's red hair; a pressed glitter green hue named "Beverly Hills;" a shimmery light pink dubbed "Virgin," which Cher was constantly teased for being; an electric violet called "Rollin' with the Homies;" which was Elton's and Tai's song; a light pink named "W," which refrences the finger gesture for "whatever;" and a rich sapphire color called "Platform."

The third row has a maroon color called "Josh," who is Cher's ex-stepbrother and her love interest; a dark glittery pink named "Faux;" a dark purple and blue pressed glitter pan dubbed "Oops, My Bad;" a glittery teal called "Cher" in honor of her blue satin dress; a taupe color called "Full on Monet," which Cher called Amber (and meant that she was beautiful far away but a "mess" up close); and an orange hue called "Buggin'."

The fourth row has a metallic purple called "Iconic;" a shimmery silver dubbed "Makeover;" a metallic blue named "Way Harsh," which is what Cher told Tai when she said "Why should I listen to you, anyway? You’re a virgin who can’t drive;" a purple pressed glitter color called "Existential" in honor of Cher's sweater when she said "That’s Ren and Stimpy. They’re way existential;" a glittery dark rose dubbed "Matchmaker" since Clueless is all about Cher's matchmaking skills; and a pitch black called "Onyx."

The last row has a bright red called "Dope;" a hot pink that's named "RSVP" which tips its hat to Cher killing her speech in debate class about refugees being allowed in America, saying, "And in conclusion, may I please remind you that it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty;" a metallic cream called "Mr. Hall" is honor of the school's debate coach; a plum color called "Daddy;" and a hot pink hue called "Closet," in honor of Cher's vast wardrobe.

Right now you can pre-order the palette on the Peachy Queen website, though there is no information yet when it's available, we do know that it's $40, making it a mid-range palette. If you love Clueless make sure not to sleep on this one — it's too good of a tribute.