Peggy Shut Meghan's Mouth On 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' & It Was So Over The Line

There is definitely something to be said for being observant and easing into a new friend group. Someone who does not feel this way is the newest Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Peggy Sulahian, who's wasting no time getting familiar. Peggy grabbed Meghan's mouth on RHOC in the middle of a conversation to stop her from talking, and her action was way over the line.

Obviously, Peggy was trying to be humorous in the Aug. 7 episode, but "trying" is the key word there. None of Peggy's jokes have been a hit so far. First she "joked" that her "husband beats her every Friday" during that disastrous dinner at The Quiet Woman. Then she put her hand on Meghan to quiet her down — at a public event. She really needs to take a back seat and learn about the group dynamics, before inserting herself into conversations. Otherwise this season will not go well for her.

Meghan was having a discussion with Vicki Gunvalson about how she should try to be more understanding of where Shannon Beador is coming from so they can finally resolve their feud. Obviously that didn't sit well with the OG of the OC, and Peggy just stepped in on Vicki's behalf and decided to close Meghan's lips shut to prevent her from talking. The nerve! Who does that?

She even told Meghan, "Your tongue. Bite on your tongue." Excuse you, Peggy. What do you even know about this friend group or anything Meghan and Vicki were covering in the conversation?


Even though Peggy took zero time to learn about the relationships within the cast before barging in on a conversation that nothing to do with her, she learned one thing very quickly. She is well aware that that Vicki is the Queen Bee here, and that it makes sense to align with her out of anyone in this cast. But her rudeness toward Meghan was unacceptable.

It's rude to interrupt anyone. It's crossing boundaries to grab anyone's mouth, let alone a woman you just met. It's not smart to insert yourself into a conversation when you're not informed on the topic. In short, Peggy was way out of line on RHOC, and Meghan deserves an apology.