This Before & After Foundation Photo Is Incredible

Courtesy Too Faced

Spring is great for your beauty routine, because who doesn’t love a dewy finish and a pop of color, you know? But all that time spent in the sun isn’t always amazing for your skin, and that can affect your desire to get glam. Well, that may not be the case anymore, as evidenced by this foundation before and after photo that is causing a stir on the internet. Reddit user tryingwithmarkers was able to completely cover a pretty severe sunburn with one awesome product.

Let’s give credit where credit is due — this makeup application is flawless, and is definitely worth taking note of. If you find yourself spending a little too much time outdoors this season, you might want to channel your inner tryingwithmarkers if you're looking to conceal a sunburn from the world.

According to the post on Reddit, she used Too Faced’s Born This Way Foundation to completely hide any evidence of sun exposure. Beauty lovers began commenting on the post because most folks seem really impressed by what she was able to do with her foundation here. Commenters also raised a good question: What kind of tool was used? Because wouldn’t applying makeup on top of a sunburn be painful? According to the original poster, it wasn’t so bad when she used the Buffing Brush from Real Techniques. Again, good to know!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, $39, Sephora

As you can see, there was quite a bit of redness to start. But after the Too Faced product was applied, there's hardly any evidence of any over-exposure to the sun! She tells Bustle that this was an extremely rare case for her, as she usually remembers to apply sunscreen. But hey, these things happen, and other Reddit users totally get it!

People were immediately interested in finding out more about the whole applying-makeup-with-a-sunburn process, and I can't say I blame them.

The product might be great, but it still took some major skills to get a finished look that's this good.

This is impressive, to say the least!

As it turns out, this Redditor isn't the only person singing the praises of Born This Way Foundation's coverage.

The Too Faced product is here to save the day just when you need it the most. Like, say, when you leave the house without any sunscreen, for example.

Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, $39, Sephora

Since this product contains coconut water, it's sure to leave your skin feeling moisturized while providing medium to full coverage at the same time. Just what your face needs this season, huh?

Courtesy Ulta Beauty

Real Techniques Flawless Base Set, $18, Amazon

You can find the Buffing Brush that was used to apply Too Faced's foundation in the Flawless Base Set. It's up for grabs at Ulta now!

Courtesy Sephora

Laura Mercier Foundeation Primer Protect, $38, Sephora

No matter how great you get at concealing a sunburn, it's always a good idea to add a little SPF into your skin care routine. I personally use this Laura Mercier primer as a base to my makeup all throughout the year.

The season just got a little easier to manage. Because apparently, there's nothing you can't handle with a little sunscreen and Born This Way in your beauty bag. Here comes the sun, and you're more than ready for it!