People Are Putting Temporary Tattoos On Their Eyes & Lips

If you have a stack of stick-on tattoos left over from last year's music festivals, take them out of your junk drawer and put them to work with this summer's most inventive new beauty trend: Temporary tattoo makeup for your lips and eyes. Makeup artists on Instagram found a brand new way to elevate the beauty staple from your childhood, and it looks just as fabulous as you think it does. "They've been incorporating temporary tattoos into their makeup and topping them with high-shine clear gloss to elevate the look. Not only is the result is stunning, temporary tattoos are the perfect lip art or bold eye makeup hack," Allure reported. The key is to add that layer of gloss at the end to take it away from quarter-machine-prize to high-fashion-makeup.

But before you worry about getting ink poisoning by placing the stickers on your pout, there are actually specially made tats that are designed just for your lips. An Instagram favorite is from Violent Lips, which creates mini tats in the form of emojis and kitschy graphics that you can decorate your lipstick with. Allure also got a hot tip for more tattoo brands from Giselle Ali, a professional makeup artist based in London, who told them, "But if you want to push the boat out, has some really unique designs."

The concept is super easy and it adds a huge punch to your makeup look. If you've always loved graphic designs but could never wield eyeliners and liquid lipsticks in such a way that you could create tiny tattoos on your face, then this is the hack you've been waiting for.

It adds a huge punch but will take you five minutes or less to achieve.

In order to recreate the look on your lips, create a matte liquid lipstick foundation to make sure your tattoo will have an oil-free, dry base. Then, dipping a makeup brush in water, saturate the paper of your desired image, and transfer the tattoo onto your pout. Finish it off with gloss to give it a chic sheen and you're done!

The same goes for eyelid tattoos — put a primer down first so you wick any oil from your lids, and top off the design with a layer of gloss to give it that high-fashion sheen.

Try it out this week and see if you like it. From decorating your brows to your lids, or adding a few images on your lips, this temporary tattoo trend is a fun way to explore your creative side.