Someone Tweeted Asking What People’s “Incident” In High School Was — And Twitter Delivered

by Megan Grant
New World Pictures

Whether or not you were a student at the time, there's a good chance something happened at your high school that made it the talk of the town, maybe even landed it some headlines. Tweeters have taken to the platform to share the incidents that made their high schools famous, ranging from drug busts that weren't quite drug busts to flooded cities to stolen apple desserts.

High schools make the news particularly around the time of the year when senior pranks are all the rage. There was that one student who tricked some of the staff into reading the lyrics of "All Star" by Smash Mouth and compiled all the clips together. Then there was that time the students at one school moved all the desks outside, maybe just to get some fresh air or enjoy the view. Anyone who went to my high school remembers that time the principal got arrested because he was driving a stolen motorcycle.

Or was he?

Got escorted out of the building in handcuffs and everything. It was epic.

While some jokes go too far, the best ones are always the gags that are ultimately harmless and nobody gets hurt.

That's not always the case, as Twitter just proved; and some of the stories are downright awful. But if you want a good laugh, there are plenty others that likely top the list of the most epic "incidents" and pranks of all time. Here are some of the funnier ones.


R U High?

Let this be a lesson to any high school with the letters R and U in them. Next time, you'll know better.


When You Are Your Own Penpal

Finding a way to blame the parents is always proper protocol.


When You Feel Salty AF

Appreciation post for this school's dedication to insults, because verbally expressing your thoughts doesn't always suffice. RIP grass.


Burying The Evidence

Why wouldn't you bury it in a marsh as opposed to, you know, just returning it? #CommonSense


Redirecting Traffic

Well, that's one way to encourage people to visit your website.


Get High With A Little Help From My Friends

The people who organized this are either very oblivious or totally awesome. Either way, fond memories from the 420th anniversary.


That Escalated Quickly

So many feelings. While nobody can condone cop-pummeling, the pizza-tossing sounds like a party we'd all want to be invited to.


X-Rated School Programming

Watching movies in school has always been fun, but this takes things to a whole new level.


The Story Behind The Burn Book

We always knew Mean Girls was really a documentary. Amber D'Alessio really did make out with a hot dog (and TBH, so have most of us, if we're being real).


Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

At first this sounded like the opening scene to one of the Mission Impossible movies, but then it got 100 times better, because apple crisp.


"Special" Brownies

Poor teacher didn't realize what the student meant when she said the brownies were made with an all-natural flowering plant. Stick to Duncan Hines, lady.


When You Definitely Failed Drivers Ed

Hey, it happens to all of us.*

*No it doesn't.


Fangirling Over Adam Lambert

We all want to know the same thing here: how long did she last before security tackled her? That's kind of all that really matters.


Please Raise Your Hand If You Have Ever Felt Personally Victimized By Regina George

You all have GOT to stop calling each other sluts and whores — wise words courtesy of Tina Fey.


Armed (With A Broom) And Dangerous

And you thought your parents were embarrassing. Did they show up to your school with a broom? No they did not.


That Time Someone Left The Faucet On

Anyone else low-key in disbelief that two kids pulled that off? We're not talking a flooded bathroom or janitor's closet. They flooded an entire portion of the town.

In any case, odds are you, too, have an infamous incident from your high school — in which case you should keep the party going by replying or quote-retweeting Notopoulos's original tweet.