Peta & Free People's Vegan Summer Line Is One To Watch

by Kali Borovic

There are tons of fashion launches that come out every week, but how many can you feel good about buying? According to Teen Vogue, Peta and Free People are teaming up for a vegan clothing collection, so there's at least one to put on your radar. The summer line not only looks great, but you can feel great wearing it too. With recycled fabrics and leather made out of fruit, this is one collection that goes above and beyond the call of ethical fashion.

The fight for fur-free, vegan clothing has been going on since even before Peta was founded in 1980. This time, instead of just making their voice heard, the organization is getting in on the fashion fun. Just in time for the dog days of summer, Free People and Peta have created a vegan summer collection. It's filled with everything from gorgeous sun hats and bags to flowy tops and jumpsuits — all made ethically and animal-free. The campaign stars America's Next Top Model winner Sal Stowers as well as Michelle Weinhofen and Bryana Holly.

“I think the world needs to know it’s so cruel what is happening behind closed doors to animals,” Stowers said in Peta's YouTube video.

The brand is going to all lengths to show their customers and the fashion world that there are ways to make stunning, trendy items without hurting animals.

"The biggest misconception about vegan fashion is people aren’t aware of these new innovations being used — like recycled plastic bottles being made into shoe," Weinhofen said in the video. "“We don’t have to use fur or skin. We can use the new innovations that we've found...and still have it be fun [and] accessible, without harming others."

The line ranges from $40 to $198, and every single item in the collection is something that you can feel good about. There's no word on exactly when this line will launch, but you can believe that it's going to go fast when it lands. With trendy items and such a large price range, there really is something for almost everyone.

It's worth noting that Free People has an entire section on their website devoted to vegan fashion and beauty. So while you're waiting for this line to launch, you can stock up on even more animal-free options as well.