Twitter Couldn't Bear To Watch Victoria F.'s & Peter's Doomed 'Bachelor' Date

Courtesy ABC

Who would have thought that skydiving would be preferable to a private concert? Victoria F. was very anxious about her one-on-one date with Peter on the most recent episode of The Bachelor, and based on the reaction on Twitter, it looks like Bachelor Nation was equally stressed about Victoria and Peter's date and her reunion with Chase Rice.

The Virginia Beach native was nervous when Peter teased that they would be taking their relationship to "new heights," fearing that she would have to go skydiving or face her fear of falling from a great height, but she should have been a lot more worried about coming face to face with her ex on a romantic date. "We have a private Chase Rice concert," Peter teased in a voiceover, obliviously adding that he knows that "Victoria loves country music." Peter's excitement made it all the more uncomfortable to watch Victoria attempt to hide just how awkward it was to be serenaded by a guy she dated ... while on a date with the bachelor.

Of course, Victoria wasn't the only one who was cringing through the entire performance — Rice himself has stated that he had no idea that the Bachelor producers were planning to have him sing on Victoria's date — and all of Bachelor Nation watching at home wanted to run and hide, just like Victoria.

As uncomfortable as it was for Bachelor Nation to watch Peter and Victoria kiss in front of Rice, nothing compared to the sheer awkwardness of hearing Peter obliviously describe how well the date went. "If things keep going like this, maybe we can have Chase Rice sing at our wedding," he declared to the camera, as he and Victoria headed to the evening portion of their date.

In an interview with The Morning Toast at the CMA Awards in November, Rice explained that he wasn't hoping for a reunion with Victoria, and that it was entirely orchestrated by the show's producers. "I wanted to go on [The Bachelor] and promote my music, and they brought a little extracurricular activity into that," he revealed, adding that the show "set everybody up," and that he was unhappy about it. "I just wanted to promote my music and that's all it should have been, and it wasn't," he continued.

In an interview with People from the same night, he confirmed that things were definitely over between him and Victoria, which the country star seemed to reiterate in his one-on-one conversation with her backstage. "You gotta do what's best for you," he kept telling her, but while he may have wanted to opt out of the whole moment, Bachelor Nation definitely appreciated his willingness to suffer through the awkward situation.

Peter and Victoria may have decided to put all of the awkwardness of Rice's serenade behind them, but the deeply uncomfortable moment will live on forever in the hearts of Bachelor Nation.