This Was The Biggest Flaw In Peter's "Love Letter" To Hannah Ann On 'The Bachelor'

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

One week after Hannah Ann confessed her feelings for Peter by writing a list of everything she loved about him, the pilot returned the favor with a romantic note of his own. But while she — and her sister — seemed to appreciate the gesture, Peter's love letter to Hannah Ann on The Bachelor gave Twitter secondhand embarrassment. Shortly after their axe-throwing date during his trip to Hannah Ann's hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, Peter handed the model a list of "Things I Love About You," in the vein of the list that she gave him in Peru.

While the letter itself was very sweet — Peter praised Hannah Ann's "giggle" when she thinks of a good joke and how she "give[s] me butterflies — Bachelor Nation wasn't as won over by the gesture as she was. After all, one of the biggest critiques of Peter's season of The Bachelor has been the seeming lack of connection between the leading man and his ladies, and his letter didn't seem to do much to convince the people watching back at home that he and Hannah Ann are in love with one another.

It's hard to be invested in their "love story" when Peter's proclamation of affection includes calling someone "intentional."

In addition to not doing much to convince Bachelor Nation that Peter is, indeed, falling in love with Hannah Ann, many fans complained that the moment just felt awkward and uncomfortable. Love letters should be private and romantic — not read out loud on national TV in front of millions of people.

Even if the moment of forced romance didn't make people uncomfortable, many people couldn't help but point out the biggest flaw in Peter's "letter" to Hannah Ann: it was actually a list. The 23-year-old model may have earned her fair share of criticism from fans for her own list (and the fact that she dotted the "i"s with little hearts), but at least she never presented the note as anything other than a list of things that she loved about Peter.

He, on the other hand, told Hannah Ann that he wrote her a "letter" that was, in fact, a list.

Still, there were quite a few members of Bachelor Nation who were just as touched by Peter's romantic gesture as Hannah Ann and her sister were. Now that dating apps have made it easier than ever to ghost someone, in more ways than ever before possible, there's something genuinely sweet about seeing a man list out everything he loves about the woman he's dating. Plus, it proves that Hannah Ann's gesture in Peru made enough of an impact on Peter for him to want to write her a response letter — and frankly, everyone needs to see something that wholesome on TV every once in a while.

Regardless of what Bachelor Nation thought about Peter's "love letter" to Hannah Ann, she definitely appreciated it, and it helped solidify their relationship even further. Next time he writes a note to his significant other, though, Peter should definitely dot his "i"s with little hearts.