Photographer Laura Du Vé Is Putting Fat, Queer Femmes Into The Spotlight

by Amanda Richards

Looking back at her work both in front of the camera and behind, Laura Du Vé's influence on social media's body positive conversation can't be denied — her photography and words have made waves in the plus size, queer, and body positive communities all the way from Melbourne, Australia and across the globe.

In 2013, Du Vé started a Tumblr, which is where she began interacting with the body positive and plus size community. She shared photos of herself there — sometimes in lingerie, other times in the cool, one-of-a-kind looks we rarely get to see on plus size women. Eventually, she made her way to Instagram where she posts under the username @femmeplastic, building her plus size, body positive, and artistic communities along the way. Her photos are full of energy, bright colors, and unapologetic bodies — in other words, it's an account that feels both inspirational and fun as hell to look at.

Du Vé is also doing incredible work behind the camera as well. She shoots diverse subjects, often focusing on themes of sex and sexuality beyond the usual heteronormative boundary. Focusing on the feminine side of the queer identity spectrum, Du Vé uses her work to capture femme sensuality — and also shows how embracing that sensuality is body positive in and of itself.

Balancing activism, art, and her work as a plus size model and influencer isn't easy, but for Du Vé, it's all about finding a balance. Below, she discusses what she wants to see from plus size fashion and how her online persona isn't always exactly in tune with how she views herself.