Those “New Pics” Of Beyoncé’s Twins Weren’t What They Seemed

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beyhive, assemble. TMZ reported Wednesday JAY-Z and Beyoncé shared new photos of their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, during opening night of their On The Run II Tour in Cardiff, Wales. However, the pictures aren't what they seem. In the images, which fans are understandably freaking out over, both Bey and JAY-Z are seen holding two babies who everyone assumed were their twins, but that doesn't seem to be the case. According to BuzzFeed, after asking Beyoncé's rep if the babies in the photos were Sir and Rumi, the singer's rep replied, "It's not." (Bustle also reached out to Beyoncé's rep, but did not receive a response.)

Fans thought these were the first images publicized of the twins since Queen Bey shared an Instagram of herself with Rumi and Sir in July 2017, which showed Beyoncé standing in front of a gorgeous flower wall holding her babies, who were one-month at the time. As for the most recent photos released, many thought this marked the first time a picture has been made public of JAY-Z holding his two youngest children.

Sharing new pictures of the twins would've been the perfect way to kickoff a tour. Plus, it's almost been a year since they were born (their birthday is June 13), so honoring them turning a year older than by releasing new images would've been a gift greatly welcomed by fans.

Thanks to the internet, fans attending the first show of On The Run II Tour quickly took to social media to reveal the news of Bey, JAY-Z, and the two babies — and also the images, of course. As you can probably imagine, fans were loving that they got to see Sir, Rumi, Beyoncé, and JAY-Z like this — though, as we now know, they weren't actual family photos.

The Beyhive fandom is a passionate and outspoken one, so you bet they immediately commented on the images, as did others. When it comes to the Lemonade artist, you bet people have opinions. Here are just a few of the reactions:

What Happens When You Take A Break

Of course.

Wait, She Has Twins?

People haven't seen them in a long time, so maybe that's why they forgot about them?

This Is Only The Beginning

This is truly an exciting time.

Is This Real Life?


They Seriously Are The Cutest

This is really no surprise.

Cue The Tears

It's just so magical.

This is the kind of affect Beyoncé has on people. She's one of the biggest, most talented, and most successful musicians, who has basically overtaken the world. Her fans can't get enough of her. And when she seems to debut pictures of what seem to be her kids? She takes things to a whole new level. It's a true gift to those who adore the Grammy-winning singer.

The reason people react this way to the photos is partly because Bey and JAY-Z try to keep their personal lives as private as possible, but even more so when it comes to their three children (they are also parents to 6-year-old Blue Ivy Carter). The couple tries hard to control their own narrative and to release family photos on their terms. And when they do, well, it's a big deal.

Even when she was 22, Beyoncé made it clear how important her privacy is. While appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2003, she said, "It’s really hard to have privacy. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, but I now have learned to take time for myself and I know my limits."

In 2008, Bey appeared yet again on Oprah's talk show and wouldn't even dish details about her wedding to JAY-Z to Oprah Winfrey. When Beyoncé wants to invite the public inside the door to her personal life, she will.

Bey and JAY-Z definitely started their tour off with quite the bang. Who knows what else they have in store for fans, but maybe it will be actual photos of Sir and Rumi.

Correction: A previous version of this article misidentified the twins featured in the On The Run II Tour, according to information provided by Beyonce's publicist to BuzzFeed.