Photos Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Calendar From The Summer Of 1982 Were Just Released

by Joseph D. Lyons
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The social life of Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh is about to take center stage Thursday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee — and some of the evidence might surprise you. Photos of Kavanaugh's calendar in the summer of 1982 were just released on Wednesday. They show a typical teenage summer, and Kavanaugh's lawyers are reportedly arguing it proves he wasn't at a party with his first accuser — although several parties are marked down.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford said she doesn't recall the date of the night in question when she alleges that Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her. He denies the allegation. But she thinks it was during the summer of 1982, when she was finishing up her sophomore year at Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland, and Kavanaugh would have been finishing junior year at Georgetown Prep in North Bethesda.

Five pages of his calendar — the cover and the months of May, June, July, and August — were provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee. These pages, in addition to some parties, include details like basketball camp, prom, and several weekends in May when Kavanaugh appears to have been grounded. One entry on May 19 reads, "NIKKI COMES OVER?????"

In May, there appear to be two parties marked down, in addition to the prom. The first weekend of the month has written, "GO TO HOLY CHILD PARTY." Then May 22, is written, "TIMMY'S PARTY." There are also three weekends where the plans overlap with a marking of "GROUNDED." Other items of interest include Kavanaugh's apparent plans to "CUT OUR LAWN" and "FATHER-SON DINNER."

June's biggest event, after "EXAMS," is "BEACH WEEK," which runs one entire week, from June 5 to the 13. Several nights during beach week there are women's names written down. On June 6 and 8 appears, "Suzanne." On June 9, appears both "Suzanne" and "Nikki." There is one party mentioned on June 25, where it says, "Go to party at boathouse," with the names of three friends listed. Kavanaugh seems to have seen Rocky III, Grease 2, and Poltergeist.

In July, there are two parties marked down. On the Fourth of July, Kavanaugh seems to have written, "Anne Dougherty's party." On July 10, appears, "Richie Stanton's Party." Many of the weekends that month he seems to have gone away with friends, either to the beach or "St. Michael's." In addition he went on a trip to interview for college. On July 26, he wrote, "INTERVIEW — BROWN" and on July 27, "INTERVIEW — YALE." On July 28, he wrote, "Go to Judge’s" — potentially Kavanaugh's friend Mark Judge who has been staying out dodge.

August's entries are many with some days seeming to have had a to-do list that has since been crossed out with check marks still visible. The second half of the month Kavanaugh appears to have spent at football camp with one "NIGHT OFF" on August 28 where he has written, "Urgo’s Party — Suzanne."

These calendar pages, and the events Kavanaugh has marked down will likely be brought up on Thursday at the hearing. Republicans on the committee have chosen to hire an outside prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, to question Ford for them. Democratic senators, however, will do their own questioning.

This high school social calendar are almost sure to be referenced.