These Photos Of George H.W. & Barbara Bush Through The Years Are So Touching

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Former President George H.W. Bush died Friday at the age of 94, some seven months after his wife's death at age 92. At 73 years, the former first couple were known for having what is reported to be the longest marriage in the history of the presidency. And photos of George and Barbara Bush show just what a loving relationship their marriage was.

George and Barbara met as teenagers at a school dance in 1941 and were married a few years later on Jan. 6, 1945, according to MSN. In a letter George wrote to Barbara — then his fiancée — while serving as a Navy pilot during World War II in 1943, he described their first encounter as "a storybook meeting."

"I love you, precious, with all my heart and to know that you love me means my life," he wrote in the letter. "How often I have thought about the immeasurable joy that will be ours someday."

George would reportedly continue to write heartwarming letters to Barbara throughout their roughly 76 years together, professing his love for her and praising her for her love and support. "I've climbed perhaps the highest mountain in the world, but even that cannot hold a candle to being Barbara’s husband," George wrote on Jan. 6, 1984, in a letter to his wife, which was read by the couple's son, Jeb, at Barbara's funeral in April.

Need more proof of the couple's bond? Peep these photos of George and Barbara together over the years:

Young Love

George and Barbara were married on Jan. 6, 1945, in Rye, New York, at the ages of 20 and 19, respectively.

'The First Man I Ever Kissed'

According to CBS News, Barbara once admitted that George was the first man she'd ever kissed. "I married the first man I ever kissed," the news outlet reported she said. "When I tell this to my children, they just about throw up."

A Lifetime Of Romance

In the foreword of the book, George & Barbara Bush: A Great American Love Story, Bush credited his wife with having "given me joy that few men know." The book delves into the first couple's unique relationship through letters, photographs, and stories collected by their granddaughter, Ellie LeBlond Sosa. It reportedly includes some heartwarming gems, if the couple's son, Jeb, is to be believed. According to People magazine, Jeb has said his father was "a phenomenal letter writer" who would write to Barbara on every one of their wedding anniversaries.

From Houston To The White House & Around The World

Barbara joined her husband on a number of trips during his presidency, including a Thanksgiving visit to U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia in 1990.

Seeking A Second Term

Although George ultimately lost his bid for re-election to Bill Clinton in 1992, Barbara supported him throughout the campaign. Here the couple waves to supporters at the Republican National Convention in 1992.

73 Years Strong

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Known for their affectionate and loving relationship, the pair reportedly had "the longest marriage in U.S. presidential history," according to CBS News.

Sealed With A Kiss

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Barbara met George with a kiss on June 12, 2014, following the late president's successful 90th birthday skydive, according to Politico.

Knew How To Have Fun, No Matter Their Age

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As they grew older, George and Barbara continued to indulge in their favorite past time – baseball. The couple donned matching Astros jerseys to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a game between the Houston Astros and the Kansas City Royals in 2015.

A Little Help

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Even in their later years, Barbara was willing to lend George a helping hand with essential tasks like sunscreen application.

Saying Goodbye

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In April, former President Bush laid his wife to rest at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas. The former first lady reportedly died at home while holding her husband's hand at the age of 92, according to The New York Times.

George died Friday at the age of 94, according to a statement from his son and former President George W. Bush. He is expected to be honored with a state funeral, although a time has yet to be announced.