Photos Of Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Show A Relaxed Relationship — Even In The Spotlight

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When Donald Trump first became the president, he and Melania took center stage as the first couple — but you've probably noticed they've been sharing the spotlight with another White House pair. The first daughter and her husband also have White House roles, and both their policy positions and their relationship have been heavily scrutinized throughout Trump's time in office. Going all the way back, though, photos of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner show a relationship that has seemed consistently relaxed — even in the spotlight.

According to Elite Daily, Ivanka and Jared met on a business lunch set-up in 2007, through a friend who thought that networking with each other could be good for their respective businesses. Business Insider reports that the couple briefly broke up in 2008 because of the issue of religion — Jared is an orthodox Jew, and Ivanka was not raised in that religious tradition. Ivanka then converted to Judaism, though, and the two got engaged in 2009.

Words can only tell you so much about J-Vanka's relationship though. When it comes down to it pictures will always tell you a lot more. So, starting from the very beginning, here is the pictorial story of the "second" first couple.

Before The Wedding
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An early shot of Jared and Ivanka shows them at a sporting event having a not-so-intimate moment — but given that Jared had already taken over his father's company by 2008, it makes sense that sometimes his business duties would call even when the two of them were together.

A Wedding To Remember
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Ivanka told that she did the bulk of the wedding planning, which most brides can probably relate to. The look of happiness on their faces is probably something else that many brides and grooms will remember from their own weddings.

Tradition & Elegance
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Ivanka also told that she had always wanted "a traditional and elegant wedding," and one of the portraits that they released shows that their wedding really did fit that bill.

Expectant Parents
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Ivanka told that both of her pregnancies made her diet much healthier, and this photo from her first pregnancy — with her daughter, Arabella — shows the pair looking very happy while they were expecting.

Letting Loose
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Most of the photos that you see of the first daughter and her husband are pretty controlled, but here's an example of some spontaneity.

Hangin' With The Fam
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Given how closely Ivanka worked with her brothers Donald Jr. and Eric prior to joining the White House staff, it's natural that Jared's relationship with her would also entail a relationship with them.

Off Of The Red Carpet
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While the pair does seem to spend a lot of time on the red carpet and at fancy events, they also take time for leisure activities like golf. In fact, Ivanka told Vogue that they even plan weekly dates.

The Campaign Days
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Both Jared and Ivanka played significant roles in Donald Trump's presidential campaign, according to the New York Times. Here they are, pictured next to Barron and Melania Trump at a campaign event.

At Trump Tower
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Even in professional settings, they're usually standing close together. According to reporting from Elite Daily, body language experts say that Jared and Ivanka's behavior around each other reveals a strong and successful relationship.

The Whole Family At Inauguration
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Ivanka and Jared came with all of their children — Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore — to Trump's 2017 inauguration.

Later That Night ...
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The two got to enjoy an intimate moment, even at one of the inauguration balls.

Navigating A New Life
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It can't be easy to climb up the stairs to Marine 1 in stilettos, but Ivanka's got Jared there to make sure that she's steady.

Working Parents
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Their kids don't show up at official functions all that often, but when they do, Ivanka and Jared share the responsibilities.

Through The Trees
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If their relationship was ever at least somewhat private, they said goodbye to that when they joined the White House staff.

A Thanksgiving Close Up
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The 2017 annual White House turkey pardoning was definitely an event where the kids had to show up.

All Smiles
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It's very common for photographers to catch Ivanka and Jared looking like this — relaxed and happy in each other's presence.

Their First State Dinner
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Ivanka was the only Trump kid to attend the administration's first state dinner earlier this month, as she and Jared are the only members of the family who also have roles in the administration. As usual, they looked comfortable walking into a glamorous event.

There's been a lot of talk about Ivanka and Jared's White House roles — whether they should be there at all, whether they've been successful in achieving their goals, whether they'd even like to be in Washington. The nature of their relationship, though, hasn't been the source of gossip or drama. And the pictures clearly show why.