These Photos Of Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Dancing At Her Wedding Will Give You FOMO

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As you might have heard: Amy Schumer married Chris Fischer, according to the actor's adorable Instagram commemorating the event. And her surprise wedding definitely had its fair share of star power. Of course, Jennifer Lawrence attended Amy Schumer's wedding, and further proved that the two funny ladies are the definition of friendship goals.

Schumer had a flurry of famous guests that attended her recent nuptials. As Us Weekly noted, Jake Gyllenhaal (who is friends with both Schumer and her hubby, Chris Fischer), Larry David, Chelsea Handler, and Jennifer Aniston were in attendance. Comedian John Early also appeared to officiate the wedding in character as Vicky, as writer Lindsey Weber noted on Twitter, which is incredibly fitting for the hilarious actor's nuptials. But, the best celeb guest may have been Lawrence, seeing as though she and the Trainwreck (art direction: Deborah Jensen) star are known BFFs.

In the snap, which was posted by Schumer on Instagram, the two posed together in some simply stunning gowns as Lawrence planted a smooch on her friend's cheek. It's really no surprise that the Oscar-winning actor attended the event, as the pair's friendship goes back as far as 2015. It's just so adorable to see the BFFs celebrate the lovely occasion together.

The comedian captioned her series of photos, which included shots of her with her new husband, Lawrence, and other wedding party members, with a simple "Yup," which corroborated the original marriage reports from sources like Us Weekly and People.

Schumer also posted another series of photos that included Lawrence. In those snaps, the two women could be seen tearing it up on the dance floor. You just know that the wedding celebrations must have been electric, with those two funny ladies there together. They also posed alongside Handler and Larry David's daughter, Cazzie, in another pic. The wedding seemed like a seriously fun, wonderful time for everyone involved. If you're like me, you're probably getting a serious case of FOMO looking at these pics.

As some probably already know, Schumer and Lawrence are one of Hollywood's best-known BFFs. The Trainwreck star first posted about her friendship with the Hunger Games (film editing: Juliette Welfling) actor in 2015, when she revealed that the pair had gone on a jet ski adventure together.

The friendship duo made their first public appearance together at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, where they tried (and failed) to give Schumer a celeb nickname as they presented clips from their films Trainwreck and Joy (executive producer: Annie Mumolo). And, in case you can't get enough of this fun friendship, there's a movie starring the two of them on the horizon. Yes, you read that right. According to Lawrence's interview with Vogue, the two actors are set to play "dysfunctional twins" in an upcoming film that they wrote themselves, which sounds perfect.

Lawrence and Schumer's latest appearance together is of course second to the surprise that the comedian's surprise married Fischer in secret. The couple had a seemingly whirlwind romance over just a few months and their relationship closely followed Schumer's most recent split from Ben Hanisch in May 2017, according to E! News. Us Weekly first reported that Schumer and Fischer were dating in November 2017, and confirmation from Schumer herself about the relationship only came on Feb. 11 via an Instagram post. The actor, who attended Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded birthday bash on Feb. 10, posted her well wishes to the TV host and showed off her new boyfriend in the process.

The wedding news alone was exciting, but add to that Schumer's fantastic photos of the wedding festivities, with her famous BFFs included, and the whole fete just got even better.