Here's What Kylie's Birthday Collection Looks Like On Her

Swatches are great, but seeing a brand new beauty product in action is the best way to decide whether or not to splurge on it. Thankfully, Kylie Jenner knows this, and she's showing off the Kylie Cosmetics 20th Birthday Collection on herself. The beauty mogul took to both her personal Instagram and the Kylie Cosmetics account to show just how gorgeous and pigmented the products in the collection are, and based on the photos, fans are in for one of her best collections yet.

Jenner debuted her Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection on Tuesday, and the swatches were enough to get fans stoked for the ultra feminine bundle of products. From new Ultra Glow Highlights to a brand new palette with nine new eyeshadow shades, she went above and beyond for her 20th birthday.

While the swatches were great and allowed fans to see every product up close, Jenner also chose to showcase the newly minted Kylie Cosmetics goodies on herself. In an Instagram post, Jenner is rocking a multitude of products from the Kylie 20th Birthday Collection. With a gorgeous mauve pink eye, a stunning glow, flushed cheeks, and her signature matte lip, Jenner was slaying the products in the collection, and the best part? They can all be yours.

This isn't the first time Jenner has rocked a look using the products, though. While teasing the reveal of the 20th Birthday collection, she rocked a very similar look on Snapchat.

She also gave a sneak peek into the marketing photos where she appears to be rocking one of the highlights on her shoulders and collarbones.

What products is Kylie wearing in the gorgeous looks? She ran down the details on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram.

The Birthday Book

On her eyes, Jenner is wearing The New Black, Midnight, and New Year, New Me. As for her cheeks, it's the Cheers blush from the book.

Queen Ultra Glow Highlight

That blinding highlight is her loose powder formula.

Twenty Lip Kit

The stunning mauve pink of Twenty is perfect.

Get ready to shop the Birthday Collection in all of its beautiful glory. It's coming at you on Aug. 1, and with products this gorgeous, it won't last long.