Photos From The London Tower Fire Capture The Devastating Blaze

by Joseph D. Lyons
Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The news reports from the London Grenfell Tower fire are devastating, but the tweets and photos from the scene are beyond imagination. The fire broke out just before 1 a.m. local time and quickly spread, reaching from the building's second floor on up to the 24th, the top floor. There were 120 apartments in the building. The London Fire Commissioner, Dany Cotton, told media there had been "a number of fatalities," but an exact number is not known.

The photos and videos posted to Twitter show huge flames coming out of the building. Accounts reported in The Guardian tell of people standing at their windows and asking for help. The firefighters then reportedly shot water at their windows to try and keep the blaze under control until they could be rescued. Other residents fled to the roof to get help, flashing their mobile phone lights. Tragically, there were even reports of people jumping.

After everyone is accounted for, there will surely be an investigation into the building's fire preparedness. There are reports that a blog run by residents, Grenfell Action Group, had brought concerns about fire safety to authorities in the past. Now, residents in buildings across London and the U.K. are likely to ask themselves if their homes are safe. Seeing these images makes that worry all the more real.


The Overview

One whole side of the building was alight, as captured in this dramatic photo.


Even At Dawn, The Fire Continued

To give you an idea of the scale, the whole building was charred hours later.


From The Ground

Angles from people on the ground show the immensity of the blaze.


Survivors Look For Family

Survivors on the scene started posting to social media to find friends and family.


Periscope Was Widely Used

For those who made it out or lived nearby, Periscope became a useful tool to stream live video.


People Filming Were Worried

As debris fell from the structure, those on the ground wondered about their own safety.


Fear Of Collapse

Reports made it to the media that there was a risk of the building collapsing.


Limited Access

The limited number of access roads was a problem for firefighters.


A "Before" Picture

Here's a look at what the building was like before the blaze.


Neighbors Could Capture The Blaze

This video was taken from a neighbor's window.


Reports Of Jumping

Eyewitness reports said some who were trapped inside jumped.


Firefighters Got Very Close To The Flames

This video captures firefighters on ladders reaching some of the higher floors.


Electricity Went Out In Top Floors

Eyewitnesses said the electricity went out in part of the building while people remained trapped.


Emergency Services Responded

The NHS asked people not to go to the hospital except in emergency cases to make space for the victims of the fire.


The Debris Was Intense

In this video, you can see it fall from the structure.



There were real worries about the danger spreading.


Cordon Area Expanded

The police kept moving bystanders further back and evacuating neighboring homes.


Bystanders Tried To Help

They shouted up at residents to find out their apartment numbers.


Hours After It Started, The Fire Kept Burning

It remained on fire into the morning hours.


Firefighters Worked Through The Night

Not everyone could be saved, but the firefighters worked as hard as they could. Rescuers have reached the 21st floor, and a structural engineer is monitoring the building.

Send your thoughts to the victims of the blaze; these next days will be painful. And make sure to revise your fire safety plan.