Photos Of Melania Trump In Ghana Highlight The Trip's Main Goals

Carolyn Kaster/AP/Shutterstock

The first lady embarked on her first solo trip overseas, landing in Ghana on Tuesday as part of her attempt to bring the "Be Best" campaign overseas. With the help of USAID, she plans to focus on maternal and newborn care in hospitals, as well as education for children, the White House said in advance of her visit. These photos of Melania Trump in Ghana show her trip is thus far meeting those goals.

According to the Associated Press, the first lady was met at the airport by Rebecca Akufo-Addo, her Ghanian counterpart, who welcomed her with the help of schoolchildren who danced to drummers — all after a 12-hour transatlantic flight.

Trump's first stop was then Greater Accra Regional Hospital, where she learned how babies are weighed in Ghana (in sacks hung from hooks) and how vitamins are administered. She also toured the neonatal intensive care unit. Trump personally handed out gifts to all the mothers at the hospital that included teddy bears and other "Be Best" swag.

Trump announced the trip — which will also include stops in Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt — at a reception for spouses of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly last week. "There are many programs across the country that are doing great things for children, and I believe we can replicate many of these programs overseas," Trump said at the reception, noting it could help the countries become self-reliant.

Trump Explained The Trip Upon Take-Off

Trump released a preview video of her trip on Monday, noting different ways "Be Best" can make a difference in the lives of children overseas.

Her Public Appearances Began Immediately

Here the first lady exits the plane in Ghana and meets her hosts.

The Official Airport Greeting

The first lady of Ghana was joined by this girl who gave Trump flowers.

Welcome Hugs

She warmed up quickly to her hosts.

And Dancing

The first lady watched the drumming and dancing from a red carpet that was laid out for her.

More Shots From The Airport

Some journalists noted that she wore heels here but changed to flats before her visit elsewhere in Accra.

Her Next Stop Was The Hospital

You can see the different shows in these pictures.

Her Ride There Was Pretty Low-Key

There were no protests, nor was there much positive attention paid.

This Is How They Weigh Babies

They hang from what you might think of as a luggage scale.

This Video Shows It Even More Clearly

The baby doesn't seem to mind.

Melania Held Some Babies & Met The Moms

Carolyn Kaster/AP/Shutterstock

The first lady was all smiles.

Here You Can See The Gifts

They're the baskets on the left.

Another Pic With The Kiddo

The child seems perfectly happy too.

The Outside Of The Hospital

Trump later went inside to a newer part of the facility where neonatal is based.

Stephanie Grisham, Trump's spokesperson, told The Washington Post that the trip underlines how the United States gives more aid money than any other country on earth. "Africa remains a priority for this administration, and I believe the first lady’s trip through the continent will showcase just that," Grisham added.

The first photos show the first lady's mission to focus on children and maternal healthcare is on track.