Princess Charlotte Waved So Enthusiastically At The Royal Wedding & The Entire Crowd Melted

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On Saturday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married in a highly anticipated royal wedding that drew thousands of spectators to Windsor Castle. They exchanged their vows in a ceremony attended by everyone from Serena Williams to the Queen, and they shared a kiss at the entrance to St. George's Chapel. But as the newlyweds emerged following the service, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge waving seemed to steal the show. As she and the other bridesmaids and page boys stood on the steps outside the chapel, she waved enthusiastically to the crowd, and was greeted by thunderous cheers.

Princess Charlotte was one of Markle's six bridesmaids for the wedding, and her brother — Prince George of Cambridge — was one of the four page boys. Princess Charlotte wore a white dress with a white flower crown, a floral arrangement that was reportedly a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. As the ceremony concluded and Markel and Harry greeted thousands of well-wishers on the steps to the chapel, Princess Charlotte gave a charming wave that caught Twitter's attention.

Almost immediately, photos of Princess Charlotte waving to the crowd outside had the internet doing a collective "awww." The young royal clearly has no qualms about being herself.

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Just look at her — she's a natural.

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Some Twitter users noted that this was not the first time Princess Charlotte had stolen the show at a major event, while others simply were amused by Prince George's seemingly less enthusiastic reaction to the whole affair. Let's take a look at what else social media accounts had to say about Princess Charlotte.

A Royal Wave

The newly married couple weren't the only ones greeting the crowd outside St. George's Chapel. Princess Charlotte delivered a royal wave fit for a queen.

"Work It, Girl"

The wave that caught the most attention was the one that took place after the ceremony, but even before the wedding began, Princess Charlotte was already greeting well-wishers. As Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge ushered the bridesmaids into the chapel, Princess Charlotte was photographed as she turned around and waved to the crowd.

Are You Prince George Or Princess Charlotte?

Prince George may have been just as excited for the royal wedding as Princess Charlotte — after all, it's not the young royals' first time at a highly publicized wedding — but Twitter was quick to point out that he did not seem nearly as enthusiastic about waving to the crowd as Princess Charlotte was.

A Princess For The People

At just three years old, Princess Charlotte has already been a bridesmaid in two major weddings — the last one being that of her mother's sister, Pippa Middleton — so it's likely not surprising that she caught the world's attention on Saturday.

Nailing That Wave

Princess Charlotte has apparently had the royal wave down for quite some time now, and is perfecting it with each passing year. Just last month, she famously waved to onlookers as she met her younger brother, Prince Louis, for the first time.

Our Sartorial Idols

Before Princess Charlotte and her brother even made an appearance at the royal wedding, social media users were anticipating the adorable moments they would have.

A Passion For Waving

Princess Charlotte has been waving to her adoring public since she was just a year old. She's attended numerous royal events with her parents, and joined them on royal tours — and she has commemorated many of these occasions with her royal wave.

The Perfect Goodbye

Who better to send the newlyweds off on their royal carriage procession than Princess Charlotte?

Princess Charlotte's Signature Style

Princess Charlotte's royal wave has become so iconic that it has become her signature move. This is fitting for Charlotte, whose great-grandmother — the Queen — has spent decades perfecting the royal wave at thousands of different engagements.

To Be Or Not To Be Reserved

Princess Charlotte definitely embraced the opportunity to greet her public on Saturday, while Prince George remained more reserved — but they both still dutifully performed their respective roles as bridesmaid and page boy.

"Playing Us Like A Fiddle"

Princess Charlotte's waves appeared to have convinced a lot of people on social media to stick around and watch the royal wedding. It may have been Harry and Markle's day, but Charlotte definitely stole the show, if only temporarily.