You Can't Miss These Pics Of The Puppy Bowl Dogs

The 2017 Super Bowl will air on Sunday, along with the Puppy Bowl, a great non-sports alternative to the big game and/or the cutest option to switch to during slow moments during the football action. You'll want to check out photos of the 2017 Puppy Bowl dogs in order to get ready for all the canine fun. The event has aired opposite the Super Bowl for the past 13 years, charming everyone with its adorable pups, mini-stadium, and the Kitten Halftime Show.

According to Sports Illustrated, show producer Simon Morris said that this year's Puppy Bowl will feature more animals than just dogs and cats, like past editions. "We have cheerleaders — this year we have rescue guinea pigs and bunnies," he told the publication. "We have a new parrot tweeting. He’s on a tablet. For the first time, we have mascots. We had a chinchilla for Team Fluff and a screech owl for Team Ruff, so we’re integrating shots of them." Sounds like this year's show will be super adorable.

Can't wait for all the cuteness to get here already? Well, the next best thing to watching the Puppy Bowl is looking at photos of all the furry little cuties — meet the puppies in the images below.



Animal Planet

This affectionate puppy is a Cocker Spaniel/Bichon Friese mix who is 18 weeks old and hails from Florida Little Dog Rescue, according to Animal Planet.



Animal Planet

This Poodle mix is 17 weeks old and he is from Florida Little Dog Rescue, says Animal Planet. No word on whether or not his last name is Gilmore.


Duke & Dawson

Animal Planet

Duke (on the left, above) is a now-adopted Labrador retriever mix from Citizens for Animal Protection in Texas, according to USA Today. “He got the superstar treatment at the Puppy Bowl,” Duke’s owner Pam Reynolds told the publication. “But he is still pretty shy. It hasn’t gone to his head too much.”

Animal Planet's website says that Dawson (on the right, above) is a Jack Russell/terrier mix who is 14 weeks old and hails from Paw Works in California.



Animal Planet

This majestic puppy is striking a pose, perhaps after a hard-earned touchdown.


Foster, Bebop, & Daphne

Animal Planet

Foster (background right, above) is a 19-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog mix from One Tail at a Time in Illinois, says Animal Planet.

According to Animal Planet, Daphne (foreground, above) is a 19-week-old Pit Bull from Operation Education Animal Rescue in Tennessee.

And it looks like Bebop wants to join them for some fun.


Maybell & Hope

Animal Planet

Hope (right, above) is a 19-week-old Labrador/Hound mix from Unleashed in New York, says the Animal Planet website.

And Maybell (left, above) looks like a pup with a whole lot of determination.


Woody & Tucker

Animal Planet

Tucker's got possession of a toy on the right (above). According to Animal Planet, she's a 16-week-old Australian Shepherd mix from Williamson County Animal Shelter in Tennessee.

Next to him is Woody, an 18-week-old Healer/Cattle mix who is from BarkTown Rescue in Kentucky, says Animal Planet.


Nikita, Noodle, & Basher Junior

Animal Planet

Nikita is joined by many other puppies, who seem to really want that toy. Who will end up with it?



Animal Planet

Could this puppy be named for NFL quarterback Tom Brady, who will be playing in the 2017 Super Bowl? Because Bradie looks like he takes the game super seriously.


Lucky & Ricky

Animal Planet

Is Lucky (on the right, above) as fortunate as her name? She's a big time player on the field and she's a dog born with three legs, according to Reuters. "...I think it's really cool that she's out on the field, you know, playing with the big boys," Puppy Bowl ref Dan Schachner told the newswire. "A lot of people didn't think she could do it but she tried it and we just saw her play." Lucky is a 16-week-old Terrier mix from Operation Education Rescue in Tennessee, according to Animal Planet.

Next to her is Ricky, who is pretty much her twin: he's also 16 weeks old and a Terrier mix from Operation Education Animal Rescue in Tennessee, says Animal Planet.


Slippers, Rory, & Parfait

Animal Planet

Rory is joined by two other pups in this photo. According to Animal Planet, Parfait (on the right, above) is a Yorkie/Poodle mix who is 17 weeks old and hails from Florida Little Dog Rescue.

Slippers (on the left, above) is a 17-weeks-old Pomeranian/Havanese mix from Help Save Pets in Illinois, says Animal Planet.

You'll be able to watch all of these pups — and more — in action on Super Bowl Sunday.