These Photos Of The Carr Fire Raging Through Northern California Are Terrifying

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As of Sunday morning, one particularly threatening fire in California has grown to 89,194 acres, and is only five percent contained. The photos of the Carr Fire in Northern California show the devastation the fire has caused to Shasta County, just 100 miles south of Oregon.

The fire hasn't even been burning that long — it started last Monday. Yet, the Carr Fire has killed at least six people, and at least seven others are missing, the Sacramento Bee reported. Among the dead, according to the paper, are a grandmother, her two great-grandchildren, and a firefighter. The death toll climbed as the fire got bigger. The Los Angeles Times reported that the Carr Fire doubled in size overnight between Friday and Saturday.

And brush conditions have added to the harsh nature of the blaze. Cal Fire officials told USA Today that the extremely high temperatures, high winds, and a dry brush have added to the fire's growth. In fact, on Friday, some of the wind activity was compared to a tornado. "We're seeing, literally almost what can be described as a tornado occurred over this fire yesterday," Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott told reporters at a press conference. "The fire was whipped up into a whirlwind of activity."

Regardless of the climate conditions feeding the Carr Fire, it's not a solo phenomenon. On Saturday, CNN reported the Carr Fire is just one of six major fires burning in the state of California. The Ferguson Fire has closed parts of Yosemite National Park, while the Cranston and Ribbon fires have led to evacuations and closures in areas southwest of Palm Springs.

The End Of A Redding Home

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The last remnants of a house burn after the Carr Fire ravaged this neighborhood in Redding, California on Saturday. The house is one of at least 500 structures that have been destroyed by the deadly blaze, according to KGO-TV, the ABC affiliate in San Francisco.

Flames Burn Along Highway 299 Near Whiskeytown, California

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Tall flames could be seen burning trees down Highway 299 near Whiskeytown, California on Friday.

A Pink Sky

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Mark Peterson sits in the bed of a pickup with two goats he saved from the Carr Fire which destroyed his home, according to Justin Sullivan, the Getty Images photographer. As of Sunday, Cal Fire reported 515 buildings have burned to the ground, but cautioned that it isn't a final tally.

Remembering One Of The Dead

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A black stripe was placed over the Redding Fire Department logo on this fire truck in remembrance of firefighter Jeremy Stoke, who died on Friday. "We ask for your thoughts and prayers for his family and the RFD as we process this tragic loss," a statement from the department reads.

A Firefighter Douses A Hot Spot

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A firefighter douses an active flame of the Carr Fire in Redding, California. Fire officials said the high temperatures, dry land, and winds have contributed to the fire's size, which is at more than 89,000 acres as of Sunday morning.

A Literal Wall Of Fire

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Firefighters drive past a wall of fire from the Carr Fire along Highway 299 on Friday. Tornado-like winds took "down everything in its path" as firefighters battled the blaze, Cal Fire spokesman told The Associated Press.

The National Guard Helped With Evacuations

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An Army National Guard member works at a checkpoint in the evacuated area of northern California on Saturday. The Shasta County Sheriff's office had issued multiple mandatory evacuation orders, according to The Mercury News.

Flames Burn Down Highway 299

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Flames engulf trees alongside Highway 299 near Whiskeytown, California on Friday. President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in California on Saturday because of the fire's devastation.

Even The Pizza Place Was Devastated

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A Redding, California's pizza place's sign is seen on the ground on Friday. The Carr Fire has burned more than 500 buildings in the area.

Cars Were Left Abandoned

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These are two of the cars left behind on Friday in Redding, California.

Cal Fire incident manager Bret Gouvea told reporters on Sunday afternoon that the fire team is feeling "optimistic," but noted that the fire is growing. "We're feeling a lot more optimistic today as we're starting to make up some ground instead of being on the defensive," Gouvea said, according to the Sacramento Bee.

As the Carr Fire enters its second week, it's unclear how long it will take to contain the roughly 140-square-mile blaze.