Photos Of The Chaos Outside London’s Parliament Show A Terrifying Scene

Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon, the BBC reported that a car had driven through the crowd on Westminster Bridge, and photos of the chaos outside London's Parliament show a disturbing scene. This attack was reportedly followed by the stabbing of a police officer in the Houses of Parliament in central London. In a statement to members of Parliament, House of Commons leader David Lidington confirmed that the alleged attacker was shot by armed police.

Police were called to the scene just before 3 p.m. local time on Wednesday, responding to reports of the car on Westminster Bridge and a man armed with a knife. The situation is still developing, but the Metropolitan Police declared the attack a "terrorist incident." Immediately following the attack, Parliament was put on lockdown, and police asked the public to avoid the area to allow medical personnel to deal with the aftermath.

In a statement given later, Commander BJ Harrington at New Scotland Yard announced that there had been a "number of casualties, including police officers," but he could not confirm their number. However, the BBC reported that a woman has died, and there appear to be several other injuries.

The investigation is ongoing — in fact, it's just begun — but photos from the scene, including those posted to social media, paint a chaotic picture.

Emergency Personnel

The Crowd At The Scene

A Clip Of The Aftermath

A Strong Police Presence

Outside Parliament

The Palace Of Westminster

Evacuating The Building

Members Of The Police Force

The Streets Around Parliament

Medic Near Westminster Bridge

The Wrecked Car

Officers At The Scene

Receiving Treatment

Closing Off Roads

Medics At Work


Members Of Emergency Services

President Trump has been briefed on the attack. As the investigation continues, police urge anyone with relevant information about the incident to call 0800789321.