These Photos Of The Super Blood Wolf Moon Are Both Spooky & Stunning

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All the amateur astronomers and space fans had a field day early on Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on where in the world they were. That was when the 2019 total lunar eclipse appeared in the sky, and now millions of people have shared their own photos of the "super blood wolf moon."

While lunar eclipses in general aren't particularly rare, super blood wolf moons are. Each element of the name explains something different about the eclipse, as Fortune explained. Lunar eclipses are also known as "blood moons," because an eclipse, the Earth blocks the sun's light from reaching the moon's surface directly. This mean's that you're actually seeing the moon in the shadow of the Earth, where it appears red. A super moon occurs at the time when the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit, so it appears slightly bigger in the sky. A wolf moon, finally, is a full moon that takes place in January. These four conditions rarely occur at the same time, so the super blood wolf moon is truly a special thing.

A significant segment of the global population was able to see this total lunar eclipse: both North and South America, along with parts of Europe and North Africa, as the BBC wrote. This means, among other things, that the photos coursing through Twitter in its aftermath are truly something to behold.


An Official Photo

Before we get to the fun stuff, this photo from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles gives the moon its much deserved close up.


A View From The North

The eclipse was even visible north of the Arctic Circle, in Finnish Lapland.


An Eclipse In The Clouds

Pittsburgh didn't have clear viewing, but it didn't ruin the shot.


Different Faces

Because the moon and the Earth are both always moving in relation to each other, the eclipse is a dynamic sight.


See The Transition

These photos were taken in the English beach town of Brighton.


Multiple Reds

When you hear "blood," you think "red" — but that really doesn't do it justice.


Sharing The Spotlight

This photographer in Seattle caught a plane along with the moon.


A Comparison Shot

Before, then during.


Through The Trees

It's not too difficult to imagine that this is a still from a Harry Potter movie.


A Dramatic Shot

Throw a statue into a shot with the moon, and you get something pretty spectacular.


Red Moon, Red Sky

This time, the light pollution actually caused something pretty cool.


The Whole Thing

A lot of work went into this compound shot, but it was definitely worth it.


A Final Look

Unlike some celestial phenomena, the lunar eclipse was visible to the naked eye — even in an extraordinarily light area like New York City.

If you missed this lunar eclipse and you're regretting it now, have no fear. Total lunar eclipses come around fairly regularly, and according to, the next one visible in North America will happen in May 2021.