Pia Mia's Snapchat Name Is Easier To Find Than You Might Think

by Mary Kate McGrath
Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pia Mia is no stranger to Snapchat - the singer regularly appears in her BFF Kylie Jenner's snap story. However, if fans want to follow the star on her own account, it's easier to find than you'd think. Pia Mia's Snapchat name is PrincessPiaMiaP, a handle that she tweeted out to fans in 2014. The star has been active on the app for a few years, and still updates her account under this name. Like most celebs on Snapchat, the singer uses the platform to update fans on new projects, share selfies of her strongest #looks, and take advantage of the silly filters.

Many fans might be familiar with Pia Mia through Kylie Jenner's online presence, and the two stars still use social media to document their friendship. It's not uncommon for them to Snapchat their hangouts, and both love to add a goofy filter. Sometimes, as all friends must, Jenner will apply these effects when Mia isn't even watching. When she shares these posts, it almost seems like they are just bored and using the app to have a good laugh, which is relatable. Jenner and Mia do share an appreciation for Snapchat's strangest filters though; the singer often records her snaps with an effect on, and is especially fond of the animal ears.

The most recent time that Jenner appeared in Mia's story, the two stars were out to lunch together. They were both dressed pretty casually, but they sipped fancy warm-weather drinks. While Jenner has a reputation as a fashion and beauty chameleon, the two stars are rocking similar long brown locks. It seems that Mia has added some leopard ears to her look, in case any followers had trouble telling the stars apart.

While Mia doesn't update her story as much as when she first joined the app, she's still a pretty active user. When she does post, it's often details her whole day. Like most of her fellow stars, she posts more when she's on vacation, as with her recent getaway to Bora Bora. Lately, she's used the app to tease new songs, including her latest release, "I'm a Fan" with Jeremih.

In the short video, which was posted on Friday, Mia says, "I'm heading into the studio, can't wait for you guys to hear 'I'm a Fan' tomorrow featuring Jeremih, I hope you love it." It's not uncommon for the star to personalize messages for fans, and in most of her snap stories she addresses her followers directly.

There are a lot of reasons for you to follow Mia's Snapchat account. Maybe you just want to stay up to date on all of Jenner and Mia's friendship outings, including the fashion trends they're sporting this week. If you're a filter fan, she's definitely committed to trying out all the new options the app has to offer. It's also a good way to stay ahead of the singer's new music, which she's likely to continue to tease on the account. No matter what the justification, you are in luck: Pia Mia's Snapchat name is more than easy to find.