This Lipstick Looks Like An Art Supply Store Pen But It's Better

Makeup, by nature, is wearable because duh. But new, art world-inspired brand, collective, and creative platform Pinkie Swear transforms cosmetics into accessories you wear after applying the product. The brand is debuting with these killer Clip Paint lip pigments, which look like a fancy pen that you'd nab at an art supply store.... only better.

These lippies are packaged as a marker-like applicator with a precision brush tip. The "pen" can clip onto the back pocket of your jeans, onto your shirt pocket, and more.

Pinkie Swear Clip Paints come in six colors — from coral to bright pink to classic bombshell red to purple to violet to nude — and have an $18 price tag.

Since bold lips are everywhere in 2017, Pinkie Swear Clip Paints are a welcome addition to the endless suite of pout products on the market. They are meant to be quickly brushed across lips for a "wowza" pucker.

Creative Directors Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, who also run a fashion label, revealed their inspo in the press materials received by Bustle, saying, "When creating the Clip Paint, we combined our two loves, fashion and beauty. Clip Paint was designed to be clipped on, collected, and worn as an accessory."

Um, yes! Makeup packaged as a wearable accessory is not a novel concept, but it sure is a fun one. OMG, I am so, so into this.

Courtesy of Pinkie Swear

The duo created Pinkie Swear to be "a makeup collective for dreamers, magic makers, and misfits. Our products are based on style, not skin tones, so you can pick colors based on what's real, not what's 'right.'"

Courtesy of Pinkie Swear

I was already in. Now, I'm in so deep that I am reaching marrow. But wait, it gets better.

Beyond debuting with a collection of maj lip colors that impart plenty of pigment and moisture, the brand is employing and supporting a team of female artists to help to execute its vision and to fully bring Pinkie Swear to life. Yes, yes, and yes!

Courtesy of Pinkie Swear

Wolk and Morais collaborated with L.A.-artist Mandy Mitchell to create the visuals. They recruited writer Sarah Brown to curate the opening event exhibition at the Wilding Cran Gallery in the Downtown Los Angeles Art District, "which is the first in a series of events using the brand as a platform to celebrate creators and artists working in the digital beauty realm," per the press materials.

Courtesy of Pinkie Swear

It's a pen! No, it's lipstick! Wolk and Morais also noted that "mentoring young women to have careers in the arts has always been one of our most important missions."

Courtesy of Pinkie Swear

There are so many reasons why Pinkie Swear is getting my support.