Pink Finally Explained Her Cringing Face During Christina Aguilera's AMAs Performance

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pink may have pulled off a jaw-dropping performance at the 2017 AMAs on Sunday night, but some people were focused on a different on-camera moment she participated in instead. Pink's cringing face while Christina Aguilera was performing wasn't at all what it looked like, and now, the "What About Us" singer is coming forward to explain everything. Don't worry — it doesn't sound like she and Aguilera's feud lives on at all. In fact, the truth makes it seem like there's nothing but love between them these days.

When Aguilera took the stage for her Whitney Houston tribute — a medley that included her biggest hits, like "I Will Always Love You" and "I'm Every Woman" — the camera shot over to Pink in the audience, where she appeared to have an expression on her face that suggested she was not loving Aguilera's performance. Immediately, Twitter started buzzing about Pink's cringe, with some people agreeing that they felt the same way about Aguilera's performance.

But, as it turns out, Pink absolutely wasn't disgusted or even unimpressed by Aguilera's singing, even if it's true that there was drama between them a long time ago.

In case you missed it, here's the moment that got people talking:

At first, Pink's face kind of made sense. Aguilera and Pink were at the center of a feud in the past starting when they worked on "Lady Marmalade" together. Pink opened up about the feud during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last month, admitting that they're both "alpha" and that they once had a run-in at a club. But even then, she tried to clear the air by saying that they're on good terms these days — and even called her talented — and now, it sounds like she has to repeat herself to make sure people actually believe her.

After the screenshot of her expression gained steam on social media, later Sunday night, Pink turned to Twitter to make sure everyone understood that she actually loved Aguilera's performance, pointing out once again that everything is cool between them.

In reply to someone who tweeted that Pink and Aguilera are friends, she said, "Yes. THIS. Christina f*cking killed it tonight for one of our favorite singers ever. This about Whitney [sic], and I am in awe of Christina's talent. Show the clip where I'm in tears, you negative Nancy's [sic]."

Pink actually does have a point. If you kept paying attention throughout the performance, later on, she actually gets on her feet and starts dancing, a huge grin on her face. That's not how someone would react if she truly didn't think Aguilera was doing Houston justice.

Ciara was also a victim of the same treatment. Some viewers thought that she mouthed, "She's did OK" after Aguilera was finished, but that wasn't the case either. Ciara responded to a tweet that pointed out that she said "So good."

The moral of the story here? You can't always trust what the cameras try to show you at awards shows, especially where those audience reactions are concerned. The broadcast doesn't always show us the whole story, and then it's up to people like Pink to fill in the blanks for fans, even though that shouldn't be her responsibility. Can we let the woman watch the show in peace?

Then again, if you see Chrissy Teigen cringing in the audience... well, that's an expression you can probably trust, because everyone knows she can't contain her true feelings about anything — and that goes double for when her husband is on stage.

Pink shouldn't have had to explain herself, but it's good to hear that there's no bad blood between her and Aguilera. They're both insanely talented women who are going to cross paths at events like the AMAs from time to time, so isn't it better to know that there's just love between them?