9 New Wedding Trends You’re DEFINITELY Going To See In 2018, According To Pinterest

Full-blown wedding season is still a few months away—though I'm a fan of a March wedding, personally — but the big wedding trends for 2018 are already making the rounds on Pinterest, and it looks like this year's celebrations are going to be picturesque as all heck, with fig wedding cakes, cornhole games, single-stem bouquets, and signed Jenga pieces abound.

Indeed, Pinterest's wedding trends look fairly low key this year, with folks moving away from overlong sit-down dinners and toward funkier, more DIY-style wedding plans, like the aforementioned Jenga pieces and bespoke cornhole boards, along with more casual additions like wedding capes, jumpsuit dresses, hair combs, and pizza buffets. Honestly, I'm bummed I'm only going to one wedding in 2018 (FRIENDS, GET MARRIED FASTER, I WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU), because I love a good pizza buffet and I am extremely good at cornhole.

Of course, these trends don't mean you'll definitely see all this good stuff at weddings in the upcoming year, but they are what people are saving on Pinterest right now, so it's possible a couple of ideas will pop up at the next few nuptials you attend. And if you're planning a wedding for 2018 (mazel tov!), hopefully these give you some food for thought.

Here's what's on tap for 2018:


Signed Jenga Pieces

I keep harping on this one because it is SO COOL, but Pinterest says a popular pin is this bowl full of Jenga pieces, which guests are instructed to sign in lieu of a guest book. Two architects used the idea at their wedding a few years ago, and it looks like the idea's taking off now. I love it.


Hair Combs

Pinterest is littered with pictures of these lovely, Grecian hair combs, and I am HERE for it. Hair combs work for brides (they hold veils!) but they're also perfect for adding a little pop to a bridesmaid updo, plus the leaflike ones look like little crowns.


Single Bouquets

Pinterest points to single bouquets — i.e., one single flower, instead of an arranged bunch — making a big splash in 2018. It makes sense: first, it cuts down on costs, since you only need to purchase single flowers for your bride and bridesmaids, but also it streamlines the whole look, which makes wedding photos look a lot less busy, though equally lovely.


Fig Cakes

Pinterest says searches for fig cakes have skyrocketed of late, and indeed, the fun dessert made the wedding report this year. Though figs might not seem like the festive fruit of your wedded dreams, they look incredibly cool when halved into a cake like the one pictured above, plus they're not too sweet and add a subtle kick to your treat.


Pretzel Bars

One thing that's always bothered me about weddings is the multi-course sit down dinner, particularly when it's preceded by a generous cocktail and appetizer hour. Like, why do I need to cut into my dancing with a salad course? How many filet mignons can a person eat in a tight, fancy dress? And do you really need 50 bread rolls? Well, to that last point, YES, but you can achieve this with DIY pretzels bars instead of a bread basket, and Pinterest says you can expect to see plenty of those in this year's festivities.


Metallic cakes

Another hot cake concept is a metallic cake — i.e., a regular wedding cake with a bespoke piece of metallic foil transforming it into a futuristic centerpiece. It does not appear that you can eat the metal, but bonus points if you find a baker who can make edible gold.


High-necked dresses

I believe my grandmother wore a high-necked wedding dress at her religious Jewish ceremony, but the high-necked stuff sported on Pinterest now is way sexier than the modest clothes brides used to cover themselves with in the 1950s. Full lace and low backs also look like they're making a comeback this year.


Wedding capes

I genuinely think you have to be a superhero to plan a wedding without suffering a nervous breakdown, so it makes sense that 2018's brides are digging these sexy wedding capes, which transform plain wedding dresses into something befitting Superwoman.


Edible flowers

The whole point of going to a wedding is to stuff your face with free food and alcohol (and I guess to celebrate in the joyous union of two people in love, WHATEVER). Edible flowers, which Pinterest says will be big in 2018, are great, because they are both decorative and aid in my personal wedding quest to eat literally everything in sight. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.