Pinterest’s Biggest Wedding Trends For 2018 Are Officially Here, And They’re Made For Instagram

Full-blown wedding season is still a few months away—though I'm a fan of a March wedding, personally — but the big wedding trends for 2018 are already making the rounds on Pinterest, and it looks like this year's celebrations are going to be picturesque as all heck, with fig wedding cakes, cornhole games, single-stem bouquets, and signed Jenga pieces abound.

Indeed, Pinterest's wedding trends look fairly low key this year, with folks moving away from overlong sit-down dinners and toward funkier, more DIY-style wedding plans, like the aforementioned Jenga pieces and bespoke cornhole boards, along with more casual additions like wedding capes, jumpsuit dresses, hair combs, and pizza buffets. Honestly, I'm bummed I'm only going to one wedding in 2018 (FRIENDS, GET MARRIED FASTER, I WANT TO PARTY WITH YOU), because I love a good pizza buffet and I am extremely good at cornhole.

Of course, these trends don't mean you'll definitely see all this good stuff at weddings in the upcoming year, but they are what people are saving on Pinterest right now, so it's possible a couple of ideas will pop up at the next few nuptials you attend. And if you're planning a wedding for 2018 (mazel tov!), hopefully these give you some food for thought.

Here's what's on tap for 2018: