Whiskey-Scented Deodorant Now Exists & There's Officially Something For Everyone

If you love whiskey, you can now take your obsession out of the bar and into the bathroom. And no, that doesn't mean hanging off the edge of the toilet because you had one-too-many. There is now whiskey-scented deodorant because why not?!

Pit Liquor is a all-natural approach to getting your sweaty pits under control and battles your BO with literal alcohol. Stick with me here. It actually might work.

This Colorado-made organic deodorant is made from whiskey, vodka, tea, and other edible, natural ingredients. The ingredients are also sourced locally and ethically, setting it apart from major brands you'd choose from in drugstores. Plus it's made out of top-shelf liquor, so you have all of your bases covered.

Created by Erica and Jason Feucht, the spray deodorant kills bacteria and keeps your pits clean. Even more interesting, the deodorant collection comes in a collection of never-before-seen scents: Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, and Whiskey Black Pepper.

The bottles look super stylish, and like something you'd actually like to display on your vanity. The deodorant almost looks like perfume, coming in a glass bottle with a silver cap and, of course, a whiskey brown color. Each bottle also contains actual sprigs of lavender, slices from vanilla beans, or whole cloves and peppercorns, depending on the scent.

The duo started a Kickstarter to fund their project, with a goal of $12,000. So far they have over $11,500. It's safe to say people really believe in their boozey mission and support their project for cleaner pits.

"Pit Liquor works because we use incredibly high alcohol content liquor," the Feuchts explain on the Kickstarter. "Each of our other ingredients is present to help your underarm be a microbiome free of stench-causing bacteria. We've done over a year of research and trials to figure out the best way to quench your stench and have a little fun with it."

You might be wondering exactly how the duo thought to rub whiskey all over their pits. When Erica was pregnant, the pair says they could "no longer stand the toxic slurry of regular deodorant," but found natural options didn't really work to stop the sweaty smell.

Jason begged her to ditch the chemicals, so she challenged him to think up of an alternative. While she waited for him to come up with a master plan, she slapped on some hand sanitizer and found that it actually worked. After that, it all started coming together.

"Not content with 'boring' alcohol typically used in body products, Jason wanted to make something unique and fun. So he started making us a deodorant out of whiskey," Erica explained on their Kickstarter.

Jason started reading medical textbooks about deodorant, and began to experiment with interesting teas and alcohols. Their blend is a mix of teas and booze, and the products come with more perks then just stopping your smell. It's also a clean alternative to toxin-heavy deodorant.

Both Jason and Erica used the formula for a year. It worked so well that Jason even stopped washing his armpits — which proved to be not as disastrous as one might assume. Before you worry about smelling like you just went on a bender the night before, the alcohol smell of the product dissipates quickly. It's the same concept as hand sanitizer, according to the duo. For a moment, you'll have a similar alcohol smell to hand sanitizer rather than one that stinks like the bottom of a bottle.

If you would like to get a bottle, you can donate to their Kickstarter. The prices start at $7 donations, which will get you a month supply with an estimated delivery of Feb. 2018. A shot of armpit whiskey is just around the corner!