Pizza Hut Launched A "Dip 'N Crunch Bar" — Here's What's In It

Pizza Hut UK

Pizza is good for solving a lot of problems. Whether it's the joy of a fresh pizza arriving at your door when you're super hungry or enjoying some slices during a movie marathon night with friends, the irresistible cheesy delicacy always serves to brighten things up a little. For those of you who live in or will be visiting the UK anytime soon, you can experience the latest upgrade in the pizza industry yourself: Pizza Hut UK launched a Dip 'n Crunch Dipping Bar. Prepare to be amazed (and also really hungry).

Pizza Hut's newest Dip 'n Crunch Dipping Bar offering is a limited-time add-on available for delivery and carryout orders throughout the UK. Per Brand Eating, the new Dip 'n Crunch option includes "two sauce cups and two cups filled with different crunchy bits for you to dip your pizza crust, chicken nuggets, potato wedges into." How you choose to mix and match your dipping sauces is totally up to you, but Pizza Hut UK has some recommended guidelines: they suggest that customers pair the BBQ Flame Grilled Dip with the Crispy Fried Onion Crunch, and try the Garlic & Herb Dip with the Garlic & Herb Crumb. I don't know about you, but my stomach is already growling.

If you live in or will be in the UK anytime soon, make sure to try Pizza Hut's latest, innovative menu choice will you can: the limited-edition offering will only be available to order for nine weeks. QSR Media UK reports that the Dip 'n Crunch Dipping Bar will be up for grabs as an add on to any deal as an upgrade. It's a pretty awesome addition to a pizza joint's menu: we've all seen the range of sauces offered at different pizza places, but crunchy dipping options are a pretty creative upgrade.

“We know our customers love our dips, and that for many, a pizza order isn’t complete without them. So, we wanted to create a product that would take the dipping experience to the next level for our fans, by adding a second stage: The Crunch," said Beverley D’Cruz, sales and marketing director for Pizza Hut Delivery, in a press release. One thing is for sure: you won't want to miss out on trying this deal out if you have the chance to taste it for yourself.

There are currently no updates as to when Pizza Hut's Dip 'n Crunch Dipping Bar will make its way to menus in U.S. locations, but keep your eyes peeled over the next few months to see if it does arrive at your local spot. Pizza is already glorious and delicious on its own, so there's no way that adding sauce — classic and crunchy — will do anything but make it tastier. Stay on the look-out for new menu offerings at your favorite pizza places, because you never know what the brands will be cooking up — they have to compete with each other to create the best dishes, after all. May the best pizza combos win.