Pizza Hut Just Dropped A Valentine's Day Bundle That Will Make Cheese Lovers Swoon

Pizza Hut

What is more romantic than pizza? The circle shape of carb and cheese symbolizes eternity. But a pizza that is shaped like a heart is pretty romantic too. Get ready to feast your eyes, love birds. Pizza Hut's Valentine's Day 2019 bundle includes heart shaped pizza and I am so in love. If you care to swoon even more, the bundle does not conclude at crust, pizza sauce and cheese. Our love story continues with dessert.

When we think about ~love language~ it's actions that tend to be louder than love songs. Actions like sharing a whole pizza and splitting dessert. And this love language totally translates to self-love too. Because you don't have to be in love with anything other than cheese to enjoy this offer.

In a survey conducted by Pizza Hut, it was illuminated that 96 percent of Americans identify as cheese lovers. That makes cheese pizza everyone's Valentine this Feb. 14. With that in mind, why not make this amorous day as ~cheesy~ as possible then? At participating Pizza Hut locations the Valentine's Day Bundle will include one medium heart shaped pizza with 1-topping and your choice of HERSHEY’S Triple Chocolate Brownie or Ultimate HERSHEY’S Chocolate Chip Cookie. Grab bae or just a napkin and cozy up to pizza this Valentine's' day.

Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut Valentine's Day bundle is valid through Feb. 14. The heart shaped pizza will be unsliced so that it doesn't arrive ... broken hearted. But when cheese is on the table, can broken hearts — even the literal ones — even exist? Pizza Hut doesn't think so. According to a press release, a survey they conducted proved that "60% of Americans would rather stay home and eat delicious cheese pizza than brave the dating waters this Valentine's Day." If you're a cheese lover, there's no such thing as feeling the blues.

If your main squeeze is cheese, prepare to fall even more in love this February. In addition to the Valentine's Day Bundle, Pizza Hut is also bringing back the Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza for a limited time. Your heart will burst with how stuffed this pie is with cheese. And not just one type of cheese. All of the cheese. This particular pizza features 16 pockets oozing a blend of Mozzarella, Provolone, White Cheddar, Asiago and Fontina cheeses. And may I suggest that a slice of the Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza actually looks like it's heart shaped? Coincidence? Probably. Fitting? Beyond.

Pizza Hut

The Valentine's Day Bundle and the Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza are available at participating locations while supplies last. Both are available for dine-in, take out and delivery. Prices may vary based upon location and delivery range. Minimums may have to be met for pizza delivery.

Whether you're ordering in for you and your loved one, or just for yourself because you are your loved one, this Valentine's Day is sure to make your heart melt. Thanks to all the ~lovely~ options available at Pizza Hut, Feb. 14 is bound to be cheesy.