Pizza Pasties Are Now A Thing

The typical pasties can be pretty, well, boring. Until now, that is. As Teen Vogue found, the online lingerie brand Yandy created Pepperoni Pizza Pasties, so you can eat your favorite food and wear it too. Say goodbye to the days of bland dressing, because this will spice up your wardrobe — literally. Plus, if pizza doesn't suit your fancy, there's tons of other quirky designs to choose from. It doesn't get more Instagram-ready than this, my friends.

Remember back when Kendall Jenner wore the pizza emoji over her sheer shirt on Instagram? Well, now that idea has become a fashion reality. Yandy is known for their fun and often unconventional lingerie designs — princess intimates, anyone? — and this could be their most fun design yet. The pasties, which look exactly like a slice of pepperoni pizza, curves to form your boob and are wrinkles resistant, according to the product description. The site also says that they're made of latex-free, medical grade adhesive that is also waterproof.

The fun design is available right now on the Yandy website. It comes in one size and is only $7.49, which makes it easy to stock up for what's sure to be the next Instagram fashion trend.

Pepperoni Pizza Pasties, $7.95,

Not a fan of pizza? No worries! There are tons of other pasty designs on the website as well. From donuts and smiley face to peace signs and mini hands, there's a funky pair for almost everyone out there. Basically, the brand is on their way to having a pasty for every emoji.

Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut Pasties, $7.95,

They have other unconventional pasties to offer too. There's studded leather cups, sets with bows on them, and even ones made out of candy. While some of them are a little more risky than others, you'll be pleasantly surprised by your options.

Glitter Alien Pasties, $7.95,

Bottom line: this celebrity Instagram trend just got a whole lot easier to wear. While they do make quite the statement, you really can't beat the price!