Police Visited Aaron Carter’s Home Following A Suicide Threat Call

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Thursday, E! News reported that an anonymous call reporting a suicide threat allegedly involving Aaron Carter was made to St. Petersburg, Florida police Wednesday evening. Police documents obtained by E! News state that police arrived to the 29-year-old singer's home at 10:01 p.m., "but they did not make contact with Carter". His rep gave the following statement to Bustle regarding the report:

Aaron is doing fine and busy preparing for a show in Memphis on Saturday and a big benefit at the Playstation Theater in New York on Tuesday. That’s our focus right now.

E! News also reported that the police documents state no one answered Carter's door, but police looked into a bedroom through the blinds, which were open, and didn't see anyone. "The documents also state that there was no odor and no signs of distress inside and it appeared that everything was OK," according to E!

It's been what seems like a distressing week for the singer, who is Nick Carter's younger brother. On Tuesday morning, the "Sooner or Later" artist was in a car accident that broke his nose and wrecked his BMW. He took to Twitter after the incident and wrote, "Life is really so precious, I just got into a terrible accident and completely totaled my BMW M4." He added, "I never meant to get into an accident as severe as this. I've ran into people before and honestly nothing compares to what happened today." He also assured fans that he was doing fine.

Then, on Wednesday, People reported that police had visited Carter's home three times in less than 24 hours on Tuesday after someone reported that he had allegedly tried to purchase a gun and threatened to harm his family. According to People, police also visited Carter's home after someone reportedly phoned authorities saying the singer was refused medical attention and that he needed a psychiatric evaluation. Per the outlet, police said Carter didn't show any "signs of distress" and that it was clear he didn't want the police to be called.

The St. Petersburg Police Department has confirmed to Bustle that the three check welfare calls and the suicide threat call did occur.

Then, on Wednesday around 4:18 a.m., People reported that police arrived at Carter's home yet again after receiving a call claiming he was "not in a safe mental state" and "has threatened to harm family and others." A St. Petersburg Police Department spokesperson told People at the time that Carter had not been arrested or taken into custody.