Porsha & Kandi Feud Over Lesbian Rumors On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' & It's Getting Out Of Control

Annette Brown/Bravo

So, during the big Real Housewives of Atlanta glamping trip, all the women wound up sitting rapt around a table as Marlo asked Kandi: are you a lesbian? Despite it being such a personal question, over the course of the long conversation that followed, Kandi said that while she is happily married, she had indeed hooked up with women before, and claimed that Porsha had done the same, driving a wedge between them. So the confrontation between Porsha and Kandi after the trip ended was pretty intense, and, unfortunately didn't bring them any closer to moving past the topic. Porsha set up the meeting, but it's Kandi who starts the conversation, asking Porsha to defend why she was spreading rumors when Kandi claims she has never disguised that fact that she's "been with a chick before."

And things got even more contentious between the two when Kandi recounted a time out dancing at the club when she alleges Porsha told her that she wanted to "eat my p*ssy until I came." It was a bit uncomfortable to hear Kandi repeat that specific quote several times during the episode, if only because this whole debate seems designed to humiliate Porsha, who denies both saying it and with propositioning Kandi at all. She repeated "no" constantly and rolled her eyes as her main source of rebuttal.

Earlier in the episode, Kandi's husband, Todd, laughs his way through this story about Porsha, proving that either he's pretty chill about sexuality, or the two are, I don't know, jointly coordinating a false rumor, which would at least mean that their marriage is going well and the pair are in sync. Meanwhile, Porsha's relationship with her boyfriend, also named Todd, is kind of a mess. His weird outburst about losing his job can't be smoothed over with a necklace.

But, back to the meeting between the two RHOA: They go back and forth for a while, with Kandi once again admitting to Porsha that she and Todd "did that once" in reference to hooking up with a third partner and saying that she's never attempted to hide any of this information.

Porsha also throws out a lot of new accusations, including that Kandi has a sex dungeon — and I have to agree with Kandi when she says that if she did have a sex dungeon, she'd probably admit it, since she's already proven that she's by far the most sex-positive member of the RHOA cast. Personally, I really wish this feud would end. I'd take another 50 scenes of poor Riley being forced to perform on camera over yet another episode that treats being somewhere in the middle of the Kinsey scale like something scandalous.