This Hair Product Shaved Serious Time Off My Morning Routine & Now I’m Hooked

Not to sound like an Avon lady muscling in through your front door and open my box of tricks to tell you how I have the next big beauty thing to tell you about...but I have the next big beauty thing to tell you about. And it quite possibly might involve blood magik because of how well it works, but we'll just glide right past that for now.

If you're the type of person that likes to cut corners in their beauty routine — especially when it comes to taming your hair — then you're going to adore PowerDry.ME blow drying spray. A hair mist that is meant to cut your hair drying time by a whopping 50 percent, it could be a total godsend when it comes to helping you get ready faster in the morning. But does it work? Usually when you hear stats like that, you assume they have been fudged a little to get you to try the product. But I'm (really, really) happy to report that the claims are true.

PowerDry.ME is a microemulsion (a kind of water-oil film) that creates a coat of lubrication around your hair strands that helps the water bead and roll right off your hair instead of soaking into it. Essentially, it waterproofs your locks. As for the water that already soaked in (since it works best on damp hair), it helps remove that water faster and easier.

Not only does it promise to cut your drying time in half, it also acts as a heat protector from your styling tools, and promises to smooth down frizz and condition, making it a four-in-one workhorse product.

PowerDry.ME, $19, Design Me Hair

Considering how there are hundreds of thousands of different hair textures, lengths, thicknesses, and needs, this product might not work on everyone. But if you pop over to Amazon, you will see that plenty of people are converted believers and won't ever use another product again. It all depends on your specific hair situation.

To give you an idea of my situation, I have medium-thick, wavy hair that nearly reaches my waist. It's also frizz prone and damaged at the ends where my bleached ombre is growing out, which means my ends dry a lot faster than my roots since they're brittle. When I blow dry my damp hair that's been sitting in a towel for 10 minutes, it usually takes me about five minutes to get it dry. Using the spray, it took me two minutes and 25 seconds. Praise be, all my lazy slob dreams are coming true.

Curious to see how it would work on wet hair straight out of the shower, I stuck my head under the faucet and rung it out. Blasting the spray into wet (but not pooling) hair, I put the stopwatch on to time how quickly I would get dry strands again. This time it took three minutes and 50 seconds, but for rib-cage-skimming hair that's thoroughly wet, that's s miracle.

The product also is a great heat protectant spray. It also feels like it has a smoothing serum when you touch it, but my hair did not look like a Pantene Pro-V commercial. It takes a lot of different shining serum products and sprays to give my hair a healthy glisten. In the above video, appears this spray alone gave the tester that immaculate shine. But not in my experience. It was still frizzy on top and had an "air dried" amount of shine, aka my hair just looked normal. But for me that's okay because of damaged hair. I have to be realistic.

So bottom line? If you want a spray that will protect your hair from the hot blast of a hair dryer and cut your drying time down to nearly half, try this product out. It costs about the same as a professional hairspray, so it's worth test driving to see if it will work on your own hair texture.

If it means you can work a few minutes less on your hairstyle in the morning, it will be good and worth it.