"Pray For Mexico" Memes & Tributes You Can Share To Support Earthquake Victims


As residents began to digest Tuesday afternoon's 7.1 magnitude earthquake, "Pray for Mexico" tweets took off across the internet. As of Tuesday evening, the seismic event had killed over 100 people. This is the second massive earthquake to hit the country since the beginning of September, leaving residents reeling from the double blow. The event also fell on the 32nd anniversary of an 8.0 earthquake that devastated the same city in 1985. According to CNN, the quake hit shortly after memorial events commemorating the historic tragedy.

The earthquake's epicenter was estimated to be almost 100 miles away from Mexico City, according to The New York Times. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto told Foro TV, a CNN-affiliated news station, that over two dozen buildings collapsed in the Mexican capital. Videos reportedly taken in the area show warehouses and other structures rapidly collapsing.

In the immediate aftermath, the "Pray for Mexico" hashtag took off on social media, with sympathizers and victims rallying around ideas of hope and unity. Many mourned the painful timing of the earthquake, which followed not only the earthquake less than two weeks ago, but which also fell in the middle of a series of horrific hurricanes beating down on the Caribbean and Gulf coasts. Politicians, pop stars, and people around the world expressed love and support for the ravaged city.

Keep Our People In Your Prayers

The historic city was devastated.

Love From Britney

In a show of support, the iconic pop star Britney Spears sent her love to Mexico.

32 Years Ago

Residents were dealt an eerily similar tragedy on the anniversary of a historic earthquake in 1985.

Heart Is With You

Supporters sent messages of hope to those affected.

Damage In The "Billions"

Over two dozen buildings are reported to have collapsed.

In Tears

Tuesday's earthquake was one natural disaster in a series of hurricanes and earthquakes that have recently struck the Western hemisphere.

Instead Of A Wall

Many used "Pray for Mexico" as a rallying call for unity.

Heartbroken By The News

Mexican-American actor Mario Lopez sent prayers for those affected by the earthquake.

Praying For The Lost & Injured

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she and her husband, Paul Pelosi, will be praying for those lost and injured in the devastation.

Praying For Anyone

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackler Tyrone Crawford is thinking of those affected.

Only Thing We Have Left

As tragedy strikes, those affected turned to their inner strength.

"Pray for Mexico" will not replace humanitarian aid or volunteer work, but the hashtag offered an immediate outlet for sadness, fear, and frustration. As residents and visitors continued to make sense of the event, "Pray for Mexico" functioned as a point of solace and self-expression.