The New York Attorney Trump Fired Is Launching A Snarky News Podcast

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Donald Trump may have fired U.S. attorney Preet Bharara in March, but that doesn't mean he's staying quiet. In fact, his Twitter feed has become an outlet for the former attorney to comment on the political goings-on during the Trump administration. But now he will lend his voice, literally, to a new outlet when Bharara debuts a new podcast, "Stay Tuned With Preet" in partnership with NPR affiliate WNYC studios.

The weekly show will focus on "justice and fairness," according to the podcast page. According to Reuters, the name comes from Bharara's favorite line to give while taking questions about ongoing cases.

Bharara served as U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of New York for more than seven years, longer than many others in that position. Throughout former President Barack Obama's administration, he prosecuted a number of prominent cases centered on Wall Street insider trading, public corruption, and terrorism.

He was known as someone tough on Wall Street and earned a reputation as someone who would prosecute both sides of the aisle. He famously convicted Bernie Madoff's associates, an adviser of Osama bin Laden, the attempted Times Square bomber, and many others.

In March, after being informed that he would stay on as District Attorney during the Trump administration, he was asked to resign, along with 45 other attorneys appointed by Obama.

Asking former attorneys to resign when a new administration enters isn't unusual, but Bharara was under the impression that he would be able to keep his job following a conversation with Trump in November. When he refused to step down, Trump fired Bharara.

Since his firing, Bharara joined his brother Vinit's media company, Some Spider Studios, as an executive vice president, where he has served as an adviser, stakeholder, and content producer.

Some Spider's Cafe Media will produce the podcast with WNYC and Pineapple Street Media, according to Variety. Bharara also serves as a distinguished scholar in residence at NYU Law.

On his Twitter feed, Bharara has commented on everything from the Russia investigation to immigration to the revolving door of hirings and firings within the administration — all with a sense of humor.

And he'll surely take those views to the air and have the chance to go a little more in depth with a longer medium at hand. The premiere date for the podcast has not yet been released.