'Pretty Little Liars' Spinoffs Fans Would Love To See

Eric McCandless/Freeform

After seven seasons of twists, turns, black hoodies, creepy dollhouses, and more funerals than you can count (often for people who later turned out to be alive), it's time for the Pretty Little Liars series finale. Of course, there's a lot of ground to cover during the two-hour "goodbye" event (yes, it qualifies as an event). A.D. will be unmasked, viewers will finally learn who has a twin, and maybe Bethany Young will somehow become relevant. But, after all the mysteries have been solved and PLL devotees bid a bittersweet farewell to Ali, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer, there will be a tragic void in fans' lives. What could possibly fill it? Well, a Pretty Little Liars spinoff might be just what the doctor ordered.

And, based on recent comments from none other than I. Marlene King herself, a PLL spinoff is a definite possibility. “Everybody knows I love this world. I love to play in this world and I love these characters, so it would be fun to keep a few of them moving forward in their lives," King told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. Of course, when it comes to the details, she's keeping her cards close to the vest: "I’m not going to say just yet who those characters might be," King clarified.

If King won't provide details, fans have no choice but to speculate about which spinoffs may become a reality.


Alison's Time On The Run

Ali is still very much a woman of mystery. She spent years on the run, and although viewers have been given some glimpses of what happened during that time, there could be a spinoff that focuses on how Ali survived and exactly how she spent her time in the years after Mrs. Grunwald pulled her from her would-be grave.

When the cast members were asked who should get their own spinoff, the answer was unanimously Ali. “I love her character! I love all of you guys, I even love Aria, but I think you [Ali] have so many places you could go because you have such a messed up past,” Lucy Hale said during a Vulture interview with the five leading ladies earlier this year.


A Look At Mona's Future

Ali's past is fascinating, but Mona is Pretty Little Liars' true star. She was in rough shape the last time viewers saw her, but surely Mona will bounce back and have a fascinating future ahead of her. (And possibly a sinister one, which would be even better.)


Aria's Time In Iceland

Raise your hand if you're skeptical about what Aria was really doing in Iceland — or if she even spent the year abroad at all. Aria is hands-down the sketchiest Liar and there's probably more to her backstory than viewers have been shown. So, how about letting fans in on Aria's secrets, I. Marlene King?


Hanna's Fashion Empire

A.D. thwarted Hanna's last business deal, so her career appears to be on the backburner — especially since it kind of seems like she's decided her relationship with Caleb is more important. But, once A.D. is out of the Liars' lives for good, hopefully Hanna will have the time and energy to put her talent to good use and build a fashion empire — because everybody knows she's totally capable of killing it in the fashion world.


A 'Ravenswood' Revival

Just kidding, of course — and sorry for bringing up this sore subject in the first place.