Turns Out Prince Charles Loves A Viral Video As Much As You Do

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are you in regular contact with baby boomer family or friends? Or does traipsing through your dusty old Facebook account give you a crystal clear window, that you never asked for, into their lives? Well if any of the above applies to you I'll bet my last six pack of loo-roll that you've noticed, in terms of viral video sharing, traffic has been pretty dense from the older generation. Log jammed in fact, and it seems that not even royals are immune from laughing at funny cat videos because Prince Charles has shared his love of viral videos. One is amused, seemingly.

He revealed his joy in the small things while speaking in Country Life about the lockdown. Apart from praising those on the frontline who're working hard, he also celebrated tech and how brilliant it can be at uniting us all. He told the publication: "We have seen the very best use of technology — allowing us to keep working, but also to keep in touch through virtual parties, games, singing — and some of the funniest videos I have seen for a long time!"

The Prince has often celebrated technology and its benefits, especially when it comes to environmental issues. One particularly futuristic example was when he appeared in hologram form at the World Future Energy summit back in 2008, as reported by the Guardian.

The effect we have on the environment was discussed by Charles in his piece for Country Life. "When was the last time anyone gave the availability of a bottle of milk, or a loaf of bread, or fresh vegetables a second thought?", he said. Adding sagely, "Suddenly, these things are precious and valued. And this is how it always should be."

So it's basically by royal decree that you must be grateful for fresh food and, of course, LOL videos.