Harry & Meghan Met A Tiny Pony While In Edinburgh & It Totally Copied Meghan’s Outfit

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been very busy making public appearances since they announced their engagement last year, and their latest might also be their cutest. Harry and Markle visited Edinburgh Castle on Tuesday, and not only did they get to meet with so many of the people of Scotland, but they also got to meet possibly the best dressed pony ever.

According to People, the couple made it to Scotland's capital before lunch, where they were welcomed by the Royal Marines Scotland Band at the castle's Esplanade. When they were finished greeting the crowd, Markle and Harry were there to watch the firing of the One O'Clock Gun (and yes, they wore ear protection, because apparently, that gun is loud). They also paid a visit to Social Bite, which distributes food and warm drinks to the homeless, and they are scheduled to wrap up their visit at Queen Elizabeth's Scotland home, Holyroodhouse, where they'll celebrate young people who have made accomplishments in Scotland over the past year. Sounds like a pretty eventful trip.

And of course, Kensington Palace's official Twitter account has once again come through with even more details of their visit and plenty of adorable photos. It's not as good as actually being in Scotland with Markle and Harry, but it'll do.

However, the best part of their trip was definitely when they met the pony. This isn't just any pony; he's a Shetland, his name is Cruachan, and he's the mascot for the band that played for Markle and Harry. He's beautiful and he's fashion forward, seeing as he and Markle were wearing coordinating outfits in honor of her visit. OK, so that's probably just his usual uniform, and it probably wasn't Burberry like Markle's is, but still.

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Like, can we talk about this? Can we get Disney to make an animated movie about Markle and Cruachan's adventures together? She's about to be royalty. He seems like he has a lot of personality. It's the perfect fit.

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Look at him, just loving all those royal pets. What a good boy.

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It's also incredibly important to note that this is not Cruachan's first brush with royalty. As People pointed out, he met Queen Elizabeth in July when she was in Scotland and tried to eat her flowers. Because she is the Queen, Elizabeth reprimanded him, but can you blame a guy for trying? Those flowers probably looked delicious.

Anyway, back to the Scotland stuff. As you can see in the photo Kensington Palace shared, Markle and Harry seem to have had a blast during their visit to Social Bite, judging by how happy they both look:

Considering the fact that they were learning about a great cause that seems to help a lot of people, their smiles make a lot of sense. Harry's family has always been all about philanthropy, and Markle is an activist herself.

When they attended the firing of the gun, though, they were far more solemn:

It had to have been pretty cool to see a tradition like that in action — one that's been happening for centuries. Why do these two get to have all the best adventures?

It's been a busy week for Markle and Harry already. On Monday, they released more details about their upcoming wedding, which will be happening at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in the spring.

Markle and Harry show no signs of slowing down when it comes to their travels and outings, so there are plenty more visits like this that we commoners can enjoy as we count down the days to their May 19 wedding. As long as the adorable photos keep coming (especially ones involving ponies), the time will definitely fly by.