Here’s What Prince Harry’s Self-Care Routine Looks Like (And It Seems Majorly Meghan-Influenced)

by Mika Doyle
Stephen Pond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Prince Harry has a whole new approach to life these days, and it’s all about how he can take better care of his body, mind, and spirit. Swapping out some old habits for brand new ones are all a part of Prince Harry’s new self-care routine, including a new way of eating, a new workout regimen, and removing a few things from his daily routine, Vanity Fair reports. The changes have been a bit of a surprise to some friends and family, wrote The Cut, but they’re seeing positive impacts on the prince’s health and happiness — and that’s super awesome to see in anyone.

Instead of sleeping in, Prince Harry now starts his days early with a green juice instead of caffeine, The Cut reports. He then meditates, says The Cut, something the duchess Meghan Markle has been practicing daily for years, according to PEOPLE. In fact, the royal couple recently met with 69-year-old Buddhist monk Kelsang Sonam, says PEOPLE, who gave them a copy of the book 8 Steps to Happiness after the prince told him he’d been meditating every day. Prince Harry then gets in a workout, which often consists of yoga or at least two weekly sessions at the gym, according to Vanity Fair.

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“Harry used to love lying in, but he’s up super early with Meghan, and the first thing he says he does is a workout, then he has a green juice,” a family friend told Katie Nicholl writing for Vanity Fair. “Meghan is definitely behind his new regimen. They both see a nutritionist and are into their supplements.”

In addition to giving up caffeine, Prince Harry has reportedly quit smoking and isn’t drinking alcohol while Meghan is pregnant, according to Vanity Fair. Since Meghan also enjoys yoga, the royal couple plans to build a yoga studio in their Frogmore Cottage, which is their new home in Windsor, Vanity Fair reports. Prince Harry’s new love for yoga has actually made his dad, Prince Charles, super happy because Charles is also into yoga, according to Vanity Fair. (Who knew?)

“Self-care” might seem like such a buzzword these days, but there truly are health benefits to investing in your physical and mental wellbeing. There’s often a misconception that self-care is selfish because you feel like you’re inconsiderate or not “pulling your own weight” if you focus on yourself instead of others, according to Columbia River Mental Health Foundation. But the Columbia River Mental Health Foundation says “self-care does not have to mean spending a lot of money on yourself, spending time away from your family, or being pointedly self-indulgent. It’s all about taking care of yourself in every way that matters.”

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Not everyone has the privilege to build a brand new yoga studio for themselves like Prince Harry and Meghan, but there are so many ways to work self-care into your life. For you, that might look totally different, like getting more sleep, saying no a little more often when you’re feeling overloaded, or giving yourself a little more time to decompress throughout the week. Self-care is very individual, and it can be whatever you need it to be.

Whatever self-care looks like for you, seeing someone like Prince Harry — who appears to have so much going for him in life — taking better care of themselves is pretty inspiring. I mean, who couldn’t use a little more self-love in our lives?