Priyanka Chopra Called Marrying Nick Jonas "Scary" For A Totally Relatable Reason

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Marriage is a huge step in a relationship, so it's normal for anyone to experience a range of emotions when embarking on a major life transformation. Even Priyanka Chopra said marrying Nick Jonas was stressful, as pointed out by Us Weekly. Her admission doesn't mean she regrets her decision, nor does it mean that she no longer wants to be Jonas' spouse. Chopra's honesty shows that such a big change can come with pressure, and sometimes even more so for women.

In her YouTube special, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, that dropped on March 27, the former Quantico star opened up about taking the next step in her relationship with the Jonas Brothers singer. In the beginning, Chopra actually felt stressed, and understandably so. But after the two became acquainted with being husband and wife, it's been pretty much smooth sailing. She explained,

"It's scary sh*t, man, getting married. I, in fact, initially felt a little more stressed about the fact that I'm a wife and I have to do everything right, and I think … once we found our groove, I realized that the beauty of being married is you can be completely who you are and the other person loves you, and that’s like … there's a sense of calm."

During March 22's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Chopra also admitted she experienced a moment of fear right before the wedding ceremony. She told host Andy Cohen,

"It was just like, it happened so fast. And I had a freak-out moment right before I walked down the aisle. I was about 40 minutes late, because I was just like, '75-foot train. Do I even know what I'm doing?' Like, a full freak-out moment."

However, as soon as the door opened and she saw Jonas' face, all was well. Anticipation comes with a wedding, especially when you get married as quickly as Chopra and Jonas. But once Chopra saw him, she exhaled a sigh of relief and remembered exactly why she was getting married.

When becoming a wife, women sometimes think they have to do everything right in order to please their spouse or to have a successful marriage. For decades, women have felt immense amounts of pressure from society to be that so-called "perfect wife and mother." As women have learned over time, perfection doesn't make a marriage great, nor does it define true happiness. A marriage is best when you have an equal partnership filled with support, respect, and love.

Well, that's exactly what Chopra and Jonas have as a married couple. Chopra opened up about her supportive marriage while chatting with Entertainment Tonight at the February premiere for Isn't It Romantic. She said,

"It’s so amazing to have someone out there rooting for you and you know that that’s your partner and you know that they are always on your team and whatever happens that’s your person and that’s such an amazing security and I loved it."

Even though she may have at been stressed in the beginning, the fear and pressure has since disappeared. Now, Chopra is loving her life being married to Jonas, who also sounds like a super loving and supportive partner.