Priyanka Chopra Paid Tribute To Her Late Father With A Heartfelt Instagram

by Nicole Pomarico
John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Losing a loved one can be truly difficult, but that doesn't mean they are forgotten. In an Instagram photo she posted on Sunday, June 9, Priyanka Chopra paid tribute to her late father, honoring him on the sixth anniversary of his death. Although she didn't go into too many details about him or their relationship, keeping her post was short and sweet, what she shared definitely still showed how important he was and still is to her.

In the post, Chopra shared a throwback photo of herself with her dad from her childhood. In the photo, a much younger Chopra is sitting in a tree and smiling as her father stands nearby. She didn't say how old she was when the photo was taken, but the kid in the picture definitely looks happy to be spending time with her father. "6 years. Seems Like just yesterday we lost you..." Chopra wrote in her caption. "I miss you Dad. Inexplicably."

Even though it's been six years since Chopra lost her father, it seems like her love for him hasn't faded at all. It's not easy to lose a parent, but with posts like this one, she is certainly keeping his memory alive.

Chopra's new family came forward to support her as well, with husband Nick Jonas commenting a simple heart emoji.


Chopra's father-in-law, Kevin Jonas Sr., also commented on the post.

"All our love sweet Daughter-in-Law," he wrote. "Nothing can replace such a special man but we are here to surround your heart with love and support."


According to NDTV, Chopra's father, Ashok Chopra, died in 2013 at age 64 after battling cancer. At the time, it was reported that Chopra put her projects on hold to be with her family.

This isn't the first time Chopra has posted about her father on Instagram. Last year, in honor of his birthday in August, she shared a similarly sweet tribute that included a slideshow of photos of him, set to Michael Bolton's song, "Fathers & Daughters."

"Dad. U r so missed. Happy birthday. Always and forever," she wrote.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar Arabia last year, Chopra opened up about what it was like to lose her father and how much he meant to her. At the time, Chopra said:

“Losing my dad changed me in a big way. I think it created a space in my heart which is empty and is always going to be. . . My dad was my biggest fan, my biggest supporter. He loved my achievements. He was a major achiever himself. He was a very creative person. So losing that, and losing his insight on my life, I used to be angry with him after he died. I felt abandoned. But over the years now… I’ve realized that grief becomes your companion, it doesn’t ever go away. You just get used to it."

It's sweet that Chopra chooses to acknowledge her father and his impact on her life, even after he's gone. It's obvious that she misses him, but it seems like her family is offering her so much support — and it's clear that Chopra will never forget him.