Protests Against Trump On Earth Day 2017 To Participate In Nationwide

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On April 22, 2017, thousands will take to the streets yet again to protest the current administration in Washington D.C. _ but this time, it’s all about the science nerds. The March For Science is happening not only in the nation’s capital this Earth Day, but in hundreds of satellite locations all around the world. On top of that, there are dozens of other protests against Trump on Earth Day taking place as well. Mostly beach cleanups, live music events, and peaceful creative protests looking for new ways to send a message to the President.

The goal for the March for Science is to highlight the value of science and the role it plays within society. Having a large number of public supporters certainly helps with making that message heard. “As a lasting national organization,” as written on the March for Science website, “we will encourage marchers to uphold our shared values and take specific actions, including strengthening the bonds between scientists and the public, engaging in ongoing science education, fighting discrimination in our own institutions and our communities, and insisting their legislators propose and enact evidence based policies.”

Now if there isn’t a March for Science protest happening near you, there’s probably some type of Earth Day protest or event taking place within your area. Do a bit of digging and see if any of the local organizations, schools or even governmental figures are hosting some type of event on Earth Day this year.

March for Science

The March for Science is set to be one of the largest protests to happen since the Women’s March this past January. The main march is taking place in Washington D.C, but there are 517 other satellite locations around the world marching as well. Here are a few of the more prominent cities/states participating in the march.

There are also dozens of international cities participating, including Toronto and London.

Earth Day Creative Project & Beach Sweep

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Held at Asbury Park on the New Jersey shore, this beach cleanup is a collaboration with the Women’s March Asbury Park and the Asbury Park Environmental Tree and Shade Commission. They dubbed this protest “peaceful” based on their simple actions (i.e. not marching) and will collaborate on a message to send to the White House. Protests start at 11 a.m. on North Beach.

Earth Day Celebration: Rally To Protest Cuts To The EPA Budget

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This protest, located in Staten Island on Earth Day, is another great way to get involved with Earth Day efforts and skip the crowds at the March for Science. This event was created by the Staten Island Democratic Association and will protest the cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency budget.