Pumpkin Spice Makeup Is The Freshest Way To Go Monochrome This Season

As we're entering out final weeks of summer, some of us are starting to get the itch to bust out the sweaters and darker makeup palettes. To jumpstart your fall celebrations, why not combine two of the hottest autumn trends in the beauty world: Monochrome and pumpkin spice makeup? You know that once the air starts turning crisp, legions of people pull on their beanies and start wanting to surround themselves with anything and everything pumpkin spice. And while that's gotten a reputation of being basic over the last couple of years, you can't fault a person for wanting to be cozy and go all-in with the festivities. If it's not enough for you to add the spice to just your coffee, try also adding it to your makeup routine.

Using coppers, oranges, glowing browns, and burnt reds, the pumpkin spice look is everything pigmented and vampy. "The copper-toned burnt orange, cinnamon, and sepia hues — all of which can be used to create PSL-inspired looks — not only look stunning on every skin tone, but will also instantly get you in the mood for all things fall," Allure reported. It's perfect because not only can you use a wide range of colors to pull off this look (you won't have to go out to the store to buy a specific palette to join in — unless you want to!) but you can also go as intense or light as you want to.

You can either lay on the pigment and give your eyes and lips a shock of color, or you can lightly dust it on just to bronze your features.

But the true beauty of this look is when you match the colors all over your face. Rather than contrasting your eyelids with your lips and cheeks, try to keep it in the same color family to really make a statement.

There's something so chic about rocking the same brown shade on your pout as on your eyelids, and then tying it all together with an orange-ish blush.

Not only will it move you away from your summer palettes, but it will have you feeling that cozy kind of way. It will be impossible not to be excited for fall while rocking these shades!